Black Bunny

Blackbunny and Grey were our first two house bunnies. We bought them from a pet store on October 6 1994.

At first, Grey and Black were best friends, and lived together in a 3-story Rabbitat. However, once they got a little older they decided they didn't like each other as much, and were separated.

As with Grey, we were able to find a boyfriend for Black. Solo was adopted from the Pennsylvania Chapter of the House Rabbit Society after Black made a trip to their shelter and met him. Black was only about 3-4 pounds, while Solo is closer to 8, but they got along splendidly. They followed each other all around the house, and were rarely found separated for long.

Black passed away at 2pm on saturday, April 17 1999. She had been sick since February 2, with a nasty head tilt and what seemed like neurological damage.

We all miss her more than I can say.

(c) 2002 MWG