Abigail Von Bunny

Abby was rescued from a shelter in South Jersey in early 1998, along with Gwennie and Pearl. She was suffering from a badly broken leg, which had been allowed to reset in such a bad position for so long that it had to be amputated.

We had originally taken Abby as a foster bunny for the New Jersey Chapter of the House Rabbit Society, but couple of months after our Black Bunny passed away in the summer of 1999, we introduced Abby to Black's mate, Solo, and they hit it off fairly well. Solo is very laid back, and Abby was probably a bit more amorous than he would have liked, but they did spend a lot of time together. They lived in a 2-level Rabbitat, and Abby could not climb the ramp, so Solo could escape to the upstairs when he felt the need.

Abby passed away on Friday May 25th 2001, after being sick for a few months with pneumonia and a few abscesses. Despite all the physical problems from which Abby suffered, she was always a very happy and loving creature, and is missed by Solo and our family.

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