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Our Bunnies:

We have two house rabbits sharing our home, although at one time we actually had fifteen. Click on each bunny for more.

Cassie Ginger

Foster Bunnies:

We are members of the New Jersey Chapter of the House Rabbit Society . Because the H.R.S. shelter is frequently full, we sometimes volunteer our time and home to provide a temporary foster home for bunnies who would otherwise have languished in local humane society shelters or been euthanized.

At present, we do not have any foster bunnies due to the time pressures associated with having three human children. But, we still provide financial and other support to NJ HRS and other local rescue operations and encourage you to do so as well.

Descriptions of adoptable bunnies are available at the NJ House Rabbit Society Adoptions Page

Bunnies We Previously Fostered:

Click above to see the bunnies who previously lived with us, but now have either been promoted to the main HRS Shelter, or adopted into their new families!

Our Bunnies Who Passed Away

Black Pearl Abby Sandy Brownie Grey Silver
Herbie Solo Milo Thumper Smokey Creamy

Some of our favorite Bunny Links:

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