Usual activity is on the weekends. Members can use equipment any time a tow pilot can be lined up. Non-members can come visit and take demonstration rides. Flying activities are coordinated by:

Ron Leonard 816-679-3285 hp18racer at yahoo dot com
Our preferred method to coordinate flying activities is via e-mail

Membership Requirements

Prospective members must be approved by a club instructor or officer.

Membership Fees & Dues

A pre-payment of $250.00 to your account is required to join the club which includes an SSA membership. If already an SSA member, an appropriate credit will be given. Membership confers no ownership interest in MSA equipment. Monthly dues will commence the month after joining MSA. Members are required to maintain membership in SSA. The club has an hourly rate for the gliders and charges for tows. The rates are recalculated annually based on the club's expenses.


The club equipment consists of a Schweizer 2-22 two seat trainer, a Schweizer 1-26 single seat sailplane, a Ka-6CR and a Cessna C150/150 tow plane. Rates are based on a 3 year average of operating expenses.

Member Responsibilities

As a club, MSA tries to minimize operating cost through the volunteer efforts of the members. All members are expected to help keep the airplanes clean and exercise utmost care in flying and ground handling activities.

The club carries liability insurance only. We have elected to operate this way as the cost of hull coverage would be around $1000 per year per plane. A members is liable for the first $800 of an accident in which they are at fault. Private coverage for hull in non-owned aircraft is available for any members who are uncomfortable with this arrangement.

Missouri Soaring Conditions

Flying season usually starts in April and extends to October. Activity is typically on weekends in the afternoon. Conditions vary with the season but our best weather is typically in April/May/June following a rapid passage of a dry cold front. The best days of these months see 7000-8000 cloud bases. Typical conditions allow maximum altitudes of 3000 to 5000 feet above ground.

State Records

Missouri State records set in the Kansas City Area include flights of:

Altitude 11,135 Frank Lilly

Goal 290 miles Frank Lilly

100km Speed 66 mph Frank Lilly

500km Speed 46.3 mph Frank Lilly