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Couple Experiences Connubial Bliss

Connubial Bliss
Shirley Pepke and Bryan Galdrikian were married at 2PM on January 2nd, 2000.
"Next time we're skipping the Tibetan chimes," they said.

    On the second day of this millenium (we're C++ programmers, we use zero-based indexing), standing next to the Rio Grande gorge in New Mexico, and freezing our patooties off, we took the plunge.  Not into the gorge, thankfully, but into the "Holy Bonds of Matrimony."  (It says so on our NM marriage certificate -- so much for separation of church and state!)  We were wed by Rev. Arlena Markinson, in the company of Kristina Lerman, Richard Ross, Laura Smilowitz, and Danny Shevitz.  Our wedding party consisted of a best dog, Random, and bitch of honor, Hara.

    Before the ceremony, Rev. Markinson created a "Circle of Eternal Love" out of sage brush clippings she collected from the vicinity.  It surrounded us, the dogs, and herself.  Then she commenced the ceremony by ringing Tibeten chimes, three times.  That was too much for Hara.  Were there too many overtones?  Or spirits?  We don't know, but she freaked out and didn't recover for the remainder of the event.  At one point, Hara decided to make a break for it, and Shirley struggled to drag her back into the Circle while the reverend dutifully continued the proceedings without pause.

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