Welcome to the Howlers' Home Cave!


"On the internet, no one knows you're a dog."

      This page is created and maintained by us, Random and Hara.  We're dogs.  We live in a nice cave in Marin county, with fun toys and oh yes - a cat and two primates.  The cat's name is Rocky, and she's fascinating.  Have you ever watched a cat?  I mean, really watched a cat?

      The monkeys (well, humans, but what's the difference?) are Shirley and Bryan.  They're all right.  They don't run around enough or jump on the furniture enough, but sometimes we play fun games like Gopher under the Covers, or Bark 'till You're Silly.

      One drawback of living with monkeys is that they go out and leave us home too much.  When they come home, instead of running around (like any healthy dog might do) they sit in front of this computer.  Bad monkeys!  Well, we're home alone, again.  And we've decided that two (or four) can play at this game.  And that's why we made this web page.  We have lots of ideas on good grooming, monkey training, and food that we'd like to share with you.  And, since they're pretty good monkeys, we've let Shirley and Bryan have their own special corners in this site.

So hang out a while, pull up something to chew, and be a dog.  It's fun!  Anyone can be a dog.


Or toss us an e-mail at nix_the_spam_howlers@earthlink.net (remove the "nix_the_spam_" from the e-mail address).  We'd love to hear from you!