is a Friendly Society and has been a registered charity in Antigua & Barbuda since 1993. Mr. Hans Smit of the Goldmitty serves as current president. Each year The Hourglass Foundation ( THF) raises funds for projects that are brought to its attention by members and by the public at large. THF has a history of coming to the aid of persons in need.

c/o The Goldsmitty
Redcliffe Quay
St. John's, ANTIGUA
Tel: 268-462-4601
Fax: 268-462-4601


- items have been donated to the Red Cross, including wheelchairs and crutches.

- cooperation between the Mill Reef Fund and local automobile dealerships to purchase the Jaws- of- Life for the Antigua and Barbuda Emergency Medical Services.

- aid has been extended to the elderly and to the children of Monserrat in a joint project with the American Women šs Club of Antigua and Barbuda.

In 1993, THF organized a seminar on alcohol and drug abuse. The possiblities of setting up an alcohol and drug rehabilitation centre were explored. Eric Clapton endorsed and supported the project. In 1997, CROSSROADS CENTRE, a state of the art, thirty- six bed treatment center, was opened in Willougby Bay. Six beds are available to Antiguan residents at any time. In 2001, the Bevon Halfway House was opened specifically for the aftercare of Antiguan clients.



Every year the Chanpagne Party around the Captans in Nelson's Dockyard, started many years ago by the Nicholson women, has now become a world renown place to be on Christmas morning.CHAMPAGNE

Also each year the "Ride on a Classic Yahct" project places passengers on competing Classic yachts for a donation.CLASSIC YACHT


The Hourglass Foundation is continuing to work on the SAFEHAVEN PROJECT: which includes The Hourglass Foundation Resouce Centre with the Mill Reef Fund Reading Room and Woman's Place and a Network of Sanctuary Homes/Rooms for abused women and children.The Woman's Place graduates classes of 30 - 60 women every three months in sewing, craft making, baking and needlework along with counselling courses and life/computer skills. In 2001 the decision was made to collaborate with HERO HOUSE to make this project possible.

THF also thanks the American Woman's Club of Antigua & Barbuda as well as the Harvey Foundation for there help in purchasing the much needed VAN for the sucessful transporting of participants in all aspects of the Safehaven Project.


Also in 2001, the Antiguan Resuscitation Project celebrated its fifth anniversary of teaching CPR, first aid and water safety to thousands of Antiguans across the nation.CPR