Hot Dog
Cliff Shimmel

Dale loved hot dogs and through his love of the "dogs" he and a few friends started meeting for hot dogs at local establishments. As their pallets became more discriminating they started meeting monthly to cook hot dogs themselves from local stores and from other parts of the country. Today the club "samples" hot dogs from across the United States. After Dale "Retired" in March 2003, the members named the club after him to honor the memory of a good friend.

Cliff "Retired" from the Hot Dog Club in December 2008. He was a founding member and a prolific Hot Dog Hunter. He knew every Hot Dog Store between North Carolina and Michigan. A wonderful smile, inquisitive mind and quiet humor that usually left you speechless. He stood at the end of the table cooking Hot Dogs from the beginning and will be sadly missed. We all know that there is a Hot Dog Stand in heaven now that he has arrived.

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October 14, 2014
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