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Everyday Sacred is a program that allows you to learn and use ancient techniques for personal healing. The lessons, the stories, the practices - are all based on the basic spiritual knowledge shared by all aboriginal cultures.

Your first exercise is to forgive yourself and family from living this part of your lives as "fallen from grace." You may be one of thousands of people who were taught that they were "kicked out of the Garden."

Consider that Native Americans were taught that they were caretakers of the Garden. Buddhists believe they are transcendent light beings who can source all of their lifetimes, continually working toward towards a perfect clarity of being.

Native Africans have been taught to live in harmony with the Earth, their lands, their customs, their languages, their arts and sciences - all sacred.

We know you have heard this before: we are asking to dig deeply into the reality of these teachings, and walk this walk. These teachings are based on advanced sciences: geometry, medicine, astrology, astronomy, genetics, environmental sciences, physics, and culture.

In order to understand these teachings, we will start from basic energy anatomy, and quickly move into the realm of consciousness, where you will take the wheel, so to speak, and drive your own destiny.

When I teach this material to a group, I allow time to listen to intellectual challenges from my readers/students. As with any deep transformative process work, it takes tIme to integrate the information. Thoughts and feelings emerge, as if we are in an analytical therapy session.

Questions surface that challenge long held beliefs about religion, culture, biology, and life sciences. As we contemplate a wider view of reality, you have to take command of what you believe, and why you believe it.

You have to be open to the history and mythology of many cultures, older than your own. Therefore, I recommend that you breathe, drink pure water, rest, talk a walk, and stretch into these new ideas.

If you would like personal guidance, or a group setting, please contact me: Dr. Susan Palmieri,

PHASE ONE : Intense Introspection

Take a long cosmic view of humanity and how we have evolved. Ask yourself: How is it possible that we learned how to write, manufacture plant medicines, build monuments, perform surgeries, have detailed astronomical information, create sophisticated artworks, mine and smelt metals, create musical instruments and musical patterns, craft tools and weapons, create written and oral language, all with both utilitarian and aesthetic function?

All of these skills arose far earlier than either archaeologists have generally acknowledged or the public has imagined. The result is that we cannot consider our history as a simple story of the rise from savage roots to a sophisticated present. Our ancestors, even tens of thousands of years ago, commanded surprising knowledge and expert skills.

Additionally, skills such as monument building show us we had basic skills, and then remarkable skills, and then basic skills again. We are not evolving in a chronological timeline, meaning, we get better and smarter as time rolls along.

Instead, we build walls by putting stones one atop the other, then, we build Machu Picchu, or Chichenitza, then, we go back to putting one brick on top of the other. How is that even possible?

Your thoughts on this are appreciated. What do you think and feel about this phenomena?

Are you ready to be initiated as a traditional medicine maker?  The nine rites of the Q'ero Shaman have been transmitted to me, and are available for your continued study and practice.

The 9 Rites of the Q'ero Shaman .......>