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YOGA NIDRA : Monday DECEMBER 08  7:30-9 pm ($20) 

Experience the State of Super-Consciousness

Your body and mind need respite from the stress and busyness of every day life. Through the practice of yoga nidra, you can find this rest and directly experience true peace and relaxation.

Yoga nidra, which means “sleep of the yogis,” is a series of prescribed exercises and it is also the condition that you find yourself in from doing those exercises. During the practice, you remain alert while your normal waking consciousness dissolves as in sleep.

Led by teacher Alison Brown, we begin with simple movements to prepare the body for rest, then are led through meditations and visualizations that first relax the body, mind, and breath. As you move deeper, you detach from your senses, develop concentration, and sink into true meditation, a state of “super-consciousness” that, with practice, you can maintain during daily life.

Brown’s instruction helps you tap your own intuition, innovation, and creativity to experience true visualizations and meditations to restore your ability to heal and rejuvenate. Those at all levels of meditation experience are welcome.