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Master Class with special Guest Adolfo Ttito Condori

To be announced, Spring, 2017 @ THE CLEARING in Milwaukee (5-8pm)

9141 West Lisbon Avenue Bring your medicine bundle

Join us for a delightful opportunity to study with Adolfo and learn a broad range sacred offerings that are commonly used to support daily life in the Peruvian Andes.

We will start with general knowledge about the Andean mesa (medicine bundle, the misa) different types of misas, their various functions, characteristics and qualities.

For example: Which medicine stones (khuyas) are used for yourself or for others? Which are the khuyas that remain in your principal misa? What is the history of the hampeq misa? How is the hampeq misa constructed? How is the hampeq misa different from other misas? What type of khuyas are in it? How are they are gathered? Are there special ceremonies needed to prepare the khuyas? What are different types of healing practices with the hampi misa?

Adolfo will include teaching us practices that are part of traditional Andean Cosmology. The objective of this class is to know, practice and understand the hampeq misa.

Adolfo is a masterful teacher who embodies what he teaches and encourages one to work with confidence, faith and love in what one is doing. He knows that the most profound comprehension comes with regular practice in harmony with the cosmos and the Andean Spirits.

This will be a rare opportunity to meet such a great teacher and listen to this indigenous knowledge of the Andes. Adolfo is considered to be the youngest living Altomesayoc, (Andean Priest or Medicine Person). Because of the rigors to this journey, there are less than 12 Altomesayocs in the world.

Prerequisites: This class is open to people of many different spiritual practices, you do not need to have a mesa or be a student of Andean Cosmology to find these teachings useful and apply them in your own life. We will help construct a collective energy to offer to the Spirits on behalf of Humanity.

I will ask for your financial contribution in advance, as we are taking on the expenses to bring him froths home in Peru, as well as support his journey in the States. This is a blessing, and your contribution of $20 for students - $50-$100 is appreciated.

We are grateful for your referrals.Please SHARE this event.

Notes: We would love to have a full house (30 people), and this means we will need extra time for parking. Please arrive early if possible, There is free parking across the street from the Center, a Sentry parking lot across the street, and some side streets available. Bring (red and white) flowers for the teacher, a candle, or any other gifts you believe would be a sweet welcome.

email or text me: Susan Palmieri (414) 215-9141