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Holly Blue Hawkins

Teacher, Writer, Musician, Consultant, Adventurer...

Community, diversity and relationships are at the heart of her work, and one of her favorite ways of exploring their meaning is through the vehicle of shared drumming. 

Holly doesn't refer to herself a percussionist, or give drumming concerts. But if you spend time with her, sooner or later you will find a drum in your hands.

Why? Rhythm is primal, direct experience. It speaks through us in the language of the body--and not merely the individuated, personal "space suit." The collective embodiment of our entire physical experience is contained within a framework of pulsations.

A beating heart sounds the same in any language, any culture, and in any part of the world. How that rhythm is expressed and embellished within different rhythmical traditions reflects the nature of the cultural matrix in which it has developed. 

We have an innate understanding of "heartbeat" and through our connection with this common pulsation, we can build a shared language, based--not on words--on this fundamental gift we all have in common: rhythm.

Holly offers an invitation to experiment with your own imagination, to converse without words,  and establish your place in the community of All Our Relations by expressing yourself in the universal, non-symbolic language of rhythm.

Author of The Heart of the Circle: A Guide To Drumming (The Crossing Press: 1999) ISBN 1-58091-025-4
Founding member of Hawaii's environmental education troupe, Puppets on the Path
Carpenter, cabinet maker, furniture builder and wood artist
Group leader and trainer for Maui Alternatives to Violence (back in the 20th century), and support group facilitator in the Maui Community Correctional Facility through Shanti Nilaya Maui
Lived "off-the-grid" in Hawai'i for 10 years
Lava-leaper and survivor of two 7.1 earthquakes
Living a life enriched by shamanism, huna, and kabbalah
Inveterate forest dweller and nature nut
Equally involved with drums and computers, cyberspace and shamanic states of consciousness
She's even seen in the corporate zone from time to time

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If you'd rather get in touch the old fashioned way, you can reach Holly's  office at 831/722-9382 or write to PO Box 2094, Aptos, CA 95001.