Dear Brothers and Sisters in Christ,


We want to share with you, and let you know about God's work in Simla, Colorado (a small town nestled on the eastern plains - 35 miles east of Colorado Springs).  Tommy and I have been called by the Lord to serve Him in a way that led us from our home and family in Texas and come to Colorado as  Mission Service Corp volunteers for NAMB.  In August of 1996, with excitement, yet a little uncertainty....little did we know or comprehend the blessings that were in our future.  Tommy served as volunteer Pastor until 2003, then the Lord called Erv Churchwell to serve as the Pastor while we now serve as Church Strengtheners and Tommy is also the building coordinator/contractor.

The Lord started the new work in our RV as a Bible Study, then to a rented office building where Liberty Plains Baptist Mission began.  After two years, our Mission began new work in the neighboring town of Ramah.  This work later became known as Ramah Baptist Fellowship (presently in the planning stage for constituting and seeking land to build).  Ministry also began on the Indian Reservation in Riverton Wyoming, with one of our Church members, Frank Phipps, sent by God for this work.  Liberty Plains Baptist Church constituted June 27, 1999.

Later, when the office building was no longer available, we moved to two more locations - praying and seeking God's direction and guidance with each move.  Presently we are renting from the town, meeting in the Town Hall.  God blessed with a donation of 5 acres of land on a hill overlooking the town.  The Church sought other avenues of finding a permanent place of worship but each time the door was closed until the only door opened was to build on the hill.

Being of one accord, we are stepping out in faith planning to build a 48 x 60 metal building with a walkout basement.  New Mexico Baptist Association has agreed to give us a loan for $85,000, however, they do not see how we can build it for that small amount.  Our prayers are that the building will be completed outside and only minimum completed inside so that it can be occupied.  We do not need carpet or finished walls to begin worshipping in God's new sanctuary.  We can continue to use the stock tank for baptisms for now.  This summer the plans include preparing the  basement and other jobs needed so that work can begin.

There is no industries or high paying jobs so many folks hold down two jobs, there are not many funds available for building.  We are praying for donations to help in bridging the gap so that the building can be built and God will get all the glory.  Your prayers are greatly needed as we step out in this God-sized project as we reach out to those in need.

If your Church desires to help us, please contact

Tommy McRight, Building Coordinator

Erv Churchwell, Pastor

Liberty Baptist Church
P.O. Box 12
Simla, CO   80835

Yes, what a blessing to see God working in Simla and Ramah, Colorado.  How thankful we are that He allowed us to join Him in this miracle.

In His Service,

Tommy & Margaret McRight

"Now the Lord is the Spirit, and where the Spirit of the Lord is, there is Liberty."  
2 Corinthians 3:17