The Birth of the Universe
A fish swims in the night sky. 
She has a human face and breasts.
The universe is born from her mouth, 
flowing like water, filling all of space. 
The universe is salty and dark. 
In the dark are tiny plankton and crabs, 
stars and planets with moons. 
The fish swallows the moons and the stars for nourishment, 
then gives birth to more moons and more stars. 
People are born as constellations in the flow from her mouth. 
They have stars in their hair and on their skin. 
They are part fish and live in the sea. 
Dreams form around them in dark clouds. 
They dream of slowly turning in the starry sky 
with the earth spinning below. 
They dream of living on the moon, 
with tiny sea creatures floating in the sky. 
They dream of the time when the fish will swallow them. 
They dream of the still night. 

Judith Hoffman ©1998








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