Judith Hoffman
©1989, Man Fish who breathes the night, 5-1/4" high, fabricated.

Jim Stewart, ©2003,
Ancestor Figure, assemblage, 10" high.

Martha Castillo, ©2004
Taos Landscape, 24", clayprint monotype

Linda Tapscott, ©2004, Mother's Seeds, 16x16x2", mixed media.

I will be participating in Silicon Valley Open Studios, 2005 two weekends:

May 7th and 8th
I will be showing with my husband, Jim Stewart at Studio 19, our studios in San Mateo, from 11am to 5pm. I will be doing a demo in the afternoon. Please note: I won't be in my studio in San Mateo on Saturday the 7th until 2pm, but there will be someone there, so you can come in and see my work. Jim will be in his studio all day, both days. Our studios are located at 19 Culver Court, San Mateo, California. We are about 4 blocks south of the Hillsdale Mall. You can get a map at Yahoo.

May 14th and 15th
I will be showing with Martha Castillo and Linda Tapscott in Palo Alto at Martha's studio at 772 Clara Drive, from 11am to 5pm. We will all be doing demos. Martha will demo clay prints, a fascinating way to make prints with pigmented clays. Linda will demo various transfer techniques, which are very useful to painters and collage artists. I will demo cold connections, which can be used with metals and a variety of other materials. Get a map at Yahoo.

To contact me, click on my email address below, and delete the "NOSPAM" in the line that reads "to:hoffish. . ." hoffishNOSPAM@earthlink.net

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