There are some huge book arts web sites that have hundreds of links, I don't want to duplicate them. For lots of book related links try The Canadian Bookbinders or  The Book Arts Web. The Book Arts Web is also the home of the Book-Arts List, a fantastic source of book making information. You can browse through the archives (or search) without signing up for the list. From the home page, click on "reference" for a list of useful articles, including tutorials.
Contemporary Books
The Canadian Bookbinders and Book Artists Guild  - on-line exhibitions, lists of workshops and lots of links.
Colophon - excellent on-line exhibitions. About halfway down the gallery page there are some individual artist's galleries. Lise Poirier uses metals in some of her books. 
The Guild of BookWorkers  - if you click on "exhibitions" you go to a list of online artitst's books shows. 
The WilliamBlake Archives - lots of images. When you're viewing an image there are "text and image options" at the bottom of the page. Choose "enlargement" for a large image. 
Wellesley College Library - Women in the Book Arts  - book arts at Wellesley College.
Zymoglyphic Museum Home Page - My husband's web site. This is the strangest museum site on the internet. It includes a book made from a rusty piece of metal that suggests a book cover, with pages made of leaves.
Jody Alexander's artist's books. I have long admired Jody's books on the web. When I saw them at the Book Arts Jam, I realized photos don't do them justice. They are very tactile and appealing. Check out "This Is My Song for Samson," under Artists' Books.
Dorothy Simpson Krause - some wonderful artist's books.
l.o.s.t. - a digital book. I thought there would be more on the internet by now, but still can't find many. This one is interesting because it's so interactive.
Judith Hoffman - yes, that's me. My new web site at Right now (February 26, 2005) it's the same as this one, but I'm not making any updates to this one. Eventually I will take this one down. Please update your bookmarks.
Medieval and Earlier Books
Paper, Leather, Clay & Stone - from the Cornell University Library - Unusual bindings and lovely illuminations. Includes a palm leaf book, a jade book and a medieval gradual.  
Wallace Library  - the image collection includes images of 51 leaves from medieval manuscripts. 
Aberdeen Bestiary   - the entire bestiary, produced in England around 1200, is included in this web site. Also information about techniques used. From this page go to the Table of Contents, and scroll down to find a link to the bestiary. 
DScriptorium - devoted to collecting, storing and distributing digital images of medieval manuscripts. Good list of links to other web sites with images of manuscripts.
Illuminating the Renaissance - the British Library has some great images of Flemish manuscript painting. Click on "time line" to see the thumbnails. 
Another Illuminating the Renaissance - from the Getty Museum (same title - different books).
Materials, Books about Books, Miscellaneous
Chico News - an article about a show I was in.  - this site features Ed Hutchins' books. Also a tunnel book slide show. From the people who do the wonderful "Book Arts Classified." (For subscription information write: Page Two, Inc., PO Box 77167, Washington, DC 20013-7167. $16/year for six issues.) 
dog eared magazine - a wonderful magazine about the book arts, by Kerrie Carbary. She is also selling wonderful rubber stamp alphabets and computer fonts used in "dog eared magazine."
LaPlantz Studios - Shereen and David LaPlantz's web site. You can purchase Shereen's artist's books here, find out about workshops and see expanded info about her latest book, "The Art and Craft of Handmade Books." The section expanding on "The Art and Craft . . ." is fantastic. David also has a section featuring his wonderful jewelry and sculpture.
Letter Arts Book Club, Inc.- John Neal's web site. Purchase book-making books, supplies, or a subscription to Bound and Lettered, orginally Tabellae Ansata.
Bay Area Book Artists - an amazing organization, run by volunteers and founded by Jone Manoogian. They have monthly meetings in Palo Alto, and organize some fantastic exhibitions.
The Metal Arts Guild - a nice group of people interested in many forms of metal-working.








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