Terhune Rendezvous

Today is


By any means the rendezvous is considered a success. As you can see by the group photo (coming soon) there were many Terhune's represented. The actual count is yet to be tabulated but needless to say, we are well represented. The Friday night dinner was very good whether you had the prime rib or the fish. Saturday was a free day to do as you wish and Hank and several others did the tourist thing. The following pictures are just a few of the many donated for the web site. Have fun, enjoy and remember. - Hank Terhune


(l to r) Phyllis (wife of Jim Terhune), Alice (wife of Joel Terhune), Jim Terhune, Hank Terhune, Joel Terhune.
The south end of the Golden Gate Bridge. We also saw the north end but could not see the entire span at one time.

Here are more pictures. Still working on getting a better picture of the whole crowd.
(courtesy of Jim & Judy Hamilton, photographer)

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