Terhune Rendezvous

Today is



Most of the 125+ people that attended the 5th Terhune Rendezvous, held in Frankfort, Kentucky.

Terhune Methodist Church, Terhune, IN

Laser cut image of the Terhune Methodist Church in Terhune, IN

Terhune Quilt

A quilt started at the Terhune Rendezvous 2002 in Waterloo, IA by Hank Terhune and his sister Katherine Carothers. The pictures on the left were added for this year. Many people signed the quilt (look closely). The other three sides will have pictures added in time for TR2006 in California (we hope) .

More information coming. Although I have a couple hundred photos I could still use more. Please feel free to contact me about sending photos.


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