Terhune Rendezvous

Today is

I'm not sure just when the idea popped up but "The Terhune Letter", Volume 3 Issue 1 mentions a "getting together of Terhune's", calling it a Rendezvous .  Volume 3 Issue 4 says that Howard Terhune (brother of James B. Terhune, author of The Terhune Letter) is collecting information.  All of this led to the first Terhune Rendezvous being held in September 20 - 22, 1996 at Branson, Missouri.  Over 125 Terhune's gathered for that outing and everyone had a great time.

Our rendezvous' are now held every two years.  See the home page for information on the other gatherings (1998 and 2000). Subscribe to The Terhune Letter (free) and let Jim know your ancestry and/or just to say "Hi".


Pictures from Branson


white ball Terhune Rendezvous 1998
white ball Terhune Rendezvous 2000
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