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Now that TR2008 is over and done with, I think it's time to update this page. The Terhune Rendezvous 2008, held in Knoxville TN was as good as can be expected, considering the economy and the fuel prices. Many of the old faces were present plus a few new ones. Friday night dinner was very good (in my opinion) and there was a great amount of comraderie experienced by all. A moment of silence was offered for Capt. Eric D. Terhune, USMC, who was the first Terhune killed in Afghanistan.

Saturday was spent in the usual way, some spending time researching and updating their material and some using their time to visit the local area. A few decided to visit Dollywood and the surrounding area and nearly got drowned as a storm blew through just as it was getting dark.

Sunday breakfast was dispensed with (although a small group went) as we had discussed the next rendezvous at dinner on Friday.

A volunteer came forward to offer their service for TR2010. Pat Nickison, partner of Hank Terhune, volunteered to host the next rendezvous in Las Vegas. Several suggestions came up regarding style, time, etc. It was suggested that the rendezvous be held mid week as travel by most commercial means is cheaper during the week as opposed to the weekend. Also suggested was the possibility of a buffet style dinner instead of catered. Tenative plans are for mid June, mid week, buffet style dinner, all to be done at Sam's Town Hotel and Gambling Hall, Las Vegas, Nevada.

Please consider the above and email us your thoughts.

Hank Terhune - hjterhune@earthlink.net or
Pat Nickison - pnicki2004@yahoo.com


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