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These are your cousins (in most cases) so feel free to drop them a line. Many of them are researching the Terhune line, just as you are, and would be happy to share their information. All have given their permission to be listed here. With your permission, we will be delighted to add your name and e-mail address here.   Please indicate the "Terhune's on line" page.

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white ball Terhune, Amy Paula --- AAmyPaula@aol.com
white ball Terhune, Andrew --- aterhune@bellatlantic.net
white ball Terhune, Angela Sue --- angela.terhune@kyeye.com
white ball Terhune, Ashley --- terhunesemail@yahoo.com
white ball Terhune, Barbara and Paul --- oldbat@embarqmail.com
white ball Terhune, Bob and Ann --- baterhune@windstream.net
white ball Terhune, Bob and Shirley --- btred58@cox.net
white ball Terhune, Brenda --- brenterhune@prodigy.net
white ball Terhune, Brian A. --- brian.terhune@myfairpoint.net
white ball Terhune, Bridget --- DGCBAT@aol.com
white ball Terhune, Bridwell --- bterhune@dcr.net
white ball Terhune, Cecil and Joan Hamilton --- paycpt@earthlink.net
white ball Terhune, Charles Edward --- cdterhune@nuvox.net
white ball Terhune, Charles Frank --- TerhuneF@cs.com
white ball Terhune, Charles Houston IV --- charles.terhune@us.army.mil
white ball Terhune, Dan and Ginni --- gterhune@hotmail.com.
white ball Terhune, David O. --- Gobears756@cs.com
white ball Terhune, David Walter --- davidterhune@mac.com
white ball Terhune, Donald and Mary --- donmolive@aol.com
white ball Terhune, Donald --- Drt1430@aol.com
white ball Terhune, Donna Slater --- donnaterhune@citcom.net
white ball Terhune, Emily J. --- clarinet3494@juno.com
white ball Terhune, Eugene, Jr. --- terhune@ipa.net
white ball Terhune, Frederick J. --- Derf1dew@aol.com
white ball Terhune, Gary D. --- mithgil@hotmail.com
white ball Terhune, Gerald Lee --- GTerhune@hotmail.com
white ball Terhune, Gil --- gilterhune@cox.net
white ball Terhune, Glen H. --- glennterhune@hotmail.com
white ball Terhune, Harry --- harry.terhune@sympatico.ca
white ball Terhune, Helen --- twosocks@adelphia.net"
white ball Terhune, Henry J. --- hjterhune@earthlink.net
white ball Terhune, Henry Lee --- hleeterhune@aol.com
white ball Terhune, Holly --- pinkhat@sbcglobal.net
white ball Terhune, James E. --- chipmunk2000@adelphia.net
white ball Terhune, James Garrett --- Garetino@yahoo.com
white ball Terhune, James Marion --- Jim_Terhune@Centralsteel.com
white ball Terhune, Jared Addison --- areyoufishes@aol.com
white ball Terhune, Jeff A. --- jeffterhune@yahoo.com
white ball Terhune, Jeremy W. --- kngofswrds@yahoo.com
white ball Terhune, Jim and Kathy --- jterhune@ka.net
white ball Terhune, Joel C. --- terhunejoelc@bellsouth.net
white ball Terhune, John C. --- sf19582000@yahoo.com
white ball Terhune, John --- undertaker_14755@yahoo.com
white ball Terhune, John W. --- jwterhune@gmail.com
white ball Terhune, Jonna Michelle --- QQICUP@aol.com
white ball Terhune, Judson C. --- jterhune@infoave.net
white ball Terhune, Judy --- juderanch@uswest.net
white ball Terhune, Julia M. --- jmterhune@fastwebnet.it
white ball Terhune, June Ann --- larjune@aol.com
white ball Terhune, Kellie --- keterhune@comcast.net
white ball Terhune, Ken --- kenterhune@charterinternet.com
white ball Terhune, Kendra --- kennabirdie@hotmail.com
white ball Terhune, Linda --- mbonkers@yahoo.com
white ball Terhune, Marlene and Del --- MDTERH5@aol.com
white ball Terhune, Marilyn M. --- TerhuneMM@aol.com
white ball Terhune, Marvin --- Marvin.Terhune@ks.ngb.army.mil
white ball Terhune, Mary --- mterhune9@comcast.net
white ball Terhune, Mary Elizabeth --- littleliz777@earthlink.net
white ball Terhune, Michael C. --- mellow@iowatelecom.net
white ball Terhune, Michael Oliver --- tersal@fwi.com
white ball Terhune, Michael R. --- mikesworld8@earthlink.net
white ball Terhune, Patricia --- pterhune@rocketmail.com
white ball Terhune, Paul --- TerhunePC@aol.com
white ball Terhune, Paul A. --- TerhuneP@lfd.city.lafayette.in.us
white ball Terhune, Paul C. --- pcterhune@yahoo.com
white ball Terhune, Paul R. --- pterhune@juno.com
white ball Terhune, Peter R. --- PeTerhune@aol.com
white ball Terhune, Raymond C. --- RTerhune@compuserve.com
white ball Terhune, Reggie Ladell --- REGTERH@AOL.COM
white ball Terhune, Richard L. --- rlterhune@verizon.net
white ball Terhune, Richard P. --- rpterhune@snet.net
white ball Terhune, Rick Lee DDS --- RICKTERHUNEDDS@aol.com
white ball Terhune, Robert C. --- kay-bob@zlink.net
white ball Terhune, Rorie --- roriet@hotmail.com
white ball Terhune, Ruth --- lewell6@aol.com
white ball Terhune, Stephenie --- JaysHoneyPot@aol.com
white ball Terhune, Stuart --- Stuartt@cheesepowder.com
white ball Terhune, Terry Norman --- tntvet@aol.com
white ball Terhune, Tim --- timterhune@email.com
white ball Terhune, Tim --- twterhune@aol.com
white ball Terhune, Timothy E. --- timmytvt23@yahoo.com
white ball Terhune, Timothy J. & Laurie --- terhune@afo.net
white ball Terhune, Todd W. --- Terhunet@aol.com
white ball Terhune, Tracy Ryan --- trt96@aol.com
white ball Terhune, Virginia Rae --- ginnyzh@yahoo.com
white ball Terhune, Walker --- terhune18@yahoo.com
white ball Terhune, Walter Scott III --- terhunewalter@yahoo.com
white ball Terhune, Walter Scott IV --- Buzz.T@juno.com
white ball Terhune Jr, Walter Symmes --- symterhune@msn.com
white ball Terhune, William --- wterhune14@comcast.net
white ball Terhune, William Barclay III --- wterh94319@aol.com
white ball Terhune, William Garrett --- wterhune@ec.rr.com

white ball Albrecht, Linda --- db4065@dragonbbs.com
white ball Alty, Cathleen Jo --- alltees5@aol.com
white ball Anderson, Thomas E. --- TANDY@prodigy.net
white ball Austring, Dee --- Dee@USANA.com
white ball Ballew, Von T. --- v.ballew@sbcglobal.net
white ball Barclay, Linda --- tlcbarclay@comcast.net
white ball Berg, Rebecca D. Terhune --- littleman10@adelphia.net
white ball Bogardus, Charles Terhune --- bogie7@mindspring.com
white ball Bogert, Ted --- TedLBJ@aol.com
white ball Brelsford, Mary Jane Terhune --- Bellbrookjane39@wmconnect.com
white ball Buechler, Elnora Terhune --- RBuech@aol.com
white ball Buechler, Lee --- rleebue@gmail.com
white ball Campbell, Janet Terhune --- ScotsmanJC@aol.com
white ball Chandler, Glenda McGowen --- gemc420@yahoo.com
white ball Coffield, Judy --- hcoffiel@columbus.rr.com
white ball Collins, Ann Terhune --- parotbch@somfaw.com
white ball Courtright, Gordon --- Glcourtr@aol.com
white ball Davis, James R. (Terhune) --- jevdavis@comcast.net
white ball Day, Martha Terhune --- DayTR@scnc.pps.k12.mi.us
white ball Duncan, Charles T. --- cduncan22@comcast.net
white ball Eastin Pete --- peastin@aol.com
white ball Fawcett, Pat Terhune --- patterhune236@aol.com
white ball Featherstone, Florence --- FFea@aol.com
white ball Fischer, Cindy Terhune --- cindyfischer@erols.com
white ball Frederick, Suzette Terhune --- SFreder73@aol.com
white ball Fry, Mary McNeill --- MMCNF@aol.com
white ball Galperti, Julia Terhune --- n.galperti@tin.it
white ball Goudie, Dolores --- dgoudie@sfldlib.org
white ball Grove, Ben L. --- BenLGrove@compuserve.com
white ball Guidera, Thomas Terhune --- tom281940@aol.com
white ball Hamilton, Judy Terhune --- elifam@comcast.net
white ball Hank, Cheryl L. --- justcallmehank@webtv.net
white ball Hersom, Virginia Rae Terhune --- xmayor1@tds.net
white ball Hoag, Bill K. --- xmayor1@tds.net
white ball Hutchison, Liz --- Diguprelic@yahoo.com
white ball Jones, Nancy --- ncjones1@mindspring.com
white ball Jorgensen, Helene Terhune --- heleneandrobin@csi.com
white ball Keil, Joyce Terhune --- jkeil@optonline.net
white ball Kelly, Michelle --- michelle.kelley.m0mr@statefarm.com
white ball Kersh, Amy Davis --- amy@kersh.org
white ball Kunz, Gary and Opal --- kunztwo@centurytel.net
white ball Lenzi, Edith --- elenzi6498@msn.com
white ball Long, JoAnne --- vieralong@aol.com
white ball Luchterhand, Lucinda --- IRISHGram@aol.com
white ball Lyons, Denise --- DLyons@Harrison.k12.ky.us
white ball Maggiore, Mariea --- twnmommy@optonline.net
white ball McAllister, Sybert Maurice --- smcallister2360@charter.net
white ball Monsees, David --- dmmonsees@gmail.com
white ball Morrison, Nancy Terhune --- NMorr1@AOL.com
white ball Murray, Thomas --- Tomnj2k@aol.com
white ball Nickison, Patricia O. --- pnicki2004@yahoo.com
white ball Nowlin, Andrea Terhune- --- nowl73@aol.com
white ball Notarpole, Dawn Terhune- --- DTN429@cs.com
white ball Patterson, Donald E --- clancydon@mchsi.com
white ball Perrin, Steven --- steveterri@cox.net
white ball Peterson, Cheryl --- wiskota@msn.com
white ball Protzmann, Robert L. --- Robert.Protzman@akzonobel-chemicals.com
white ball Randolph, Sandy Terhune --- ssrandolph@yahoo.com
white ball Ratay, Nancy --- nratay@ng-tek.com
white ball Ristenbatt, Donna --- DRistenbatt@dejazzd.com
white ball Rediker, Wendy Austin Terhune --- qwendy23@yahoo.com
white ball Ryan, Deanna J. --- djryans@pacbell.net
white ball Ryckman, Mary Rome (Terhune) --- desertblossum@citlink.net
white ball Seeley, Frank Jr. --- info@academyhealthnj.com
white ball Sharp, John P. --- sharp2@fix.net
white ball Sidebotham, Jenise --- jenise_sidebotham@yahoo.com
white ball Sives, Diane Ward --- njlady@optonline.net
white ball Smith, Andrea Ross --- ajkennel@netins.net
white ball Smith, Gary --- Jangarysamsmith@aol.com
white ball Smith, Laurie Terhune --- weaseysmith@yahoo.com
white ball Sprott, Leslie Hartz --- SprottLG2@aol.com
white ball Surber, Julie Terhune --- starrynight50@shaw.ca
white ball Taylor, Jane --- janezor@ultra1.pitnet.net
white ball Thomas, Lynn --- TomLynn2@gmail.com
white ball Thornton, Anne Terhune --- applacre@optonline.net
white ball Thursby, Barbara Terhune --- barbthursby@mchsi.com
white ball Turner, Courtney Terhune --- courtneytturner@aol.com
white ball Ullman, Judith Courter --- AJULLMAN@aol.com
white ball Van de Water, Fritz --- dutchman@infowest.com
white ball Van Wormer, Patricia A. (Terhune) --- dpvan@wctc.net
white ball Watson, Ella Mae --- ellamaew@yahoo.com
white ball Weber, Beverly Curtis --- bewebby@comcast.net
white ball Whiteside, Barbara --- ktdink@insightbb.com
white ball Williams, Judith --- jw62002@yahoo.com
white ball Woolverton, Myra --- woomy1@yahoo.com
white ball Wooten, Bud & Elsie Terhune --- elsie835@hotmail.com
white ball Worthington, Christine --- cworthington@hvc.rr.com
white ball Zayas, Mary Terhune --- blackcreekz@aol.com
white ball Young, Christine Outwater --- cey@mac.com
white ball Zussman, Deborah G. Terhune --- terhuned@sullcrom.com

With your permission, we will be delighted to add your name and e-mail address here.  Please indicate the "Terhune's on line" page.

Terhune telephone numbers and addresses can be found at "http://www.switchboard.com/"


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