Post Terhune Reunion Update

September 2007

The 64th annual Terhune reunion was held in Iowa City on August 12, 2007. There were 38 relatives that gathered in the Liberty Room at the Heartland Inn for the event. Family members from Iowa, Illinois and Kansas attended this year’s reunion. We all enjoyed visiting in addition to welcoming those that had never attended. Mark your calendars for August 10, 2008, as this will be the 65th Consecutive Terhune Reunion! The Kirkwood Room at the Heartland Inn, on the opposite end from this last reunion, has been reserved. The Kirkwood Room can accommodate a larger crowd and will be ideal for this celebration. A program is being planned to observe the event. Anyone with any information they would like to contribute to the program should contact Ilene or Warren (contact information below).

Dick Pump has been ill and is scheduled for more tests. If there are others over the past year that have been sick, hospitalized or confined, we wish them the best and hope for a speedy recovery. Any new additions to the family are also welcome. Our sympathies are extended to anyone who has experienced a loss.

There are several in the family that are returning to school and we wish them luck in the upcoming academic year.

We have some cash on hand that can meet upcoming expenses. Anyone with questions concerning how their donations are being used can contact Ilene Frank.

Between July 3 and July 5, 2007, Matt Kling led a team from Delaware that attended a soccer clinic in Costa Rica. After this year’s August reunion, 4 family members went to Michigan to get more information about the family. All had a good time.

Next year’s reunion will be held on August 10, 2008 at the Heartland Inn in Iowa City. We missed those that were unable to attend this year’s reunion and look forward to seeing everyone next year for the celebration of 65 years of Terhune Reunions. For your reference, phone numbers for the Heartland Inn are 800-334-3277 ext. 19 or 319-351-8132. Lunch will be served promptly at noon. More details regarding next year’s get together will follow at a later date.

If there are any additions or corrections to the mailing list, please let us know. Any changes to the reunion mailing list or information to be shared should be submitted to either Ilene or Warren by June 30, 2008 in order to be included in next year's mailings. Information about the family is always welcome and will be added to the Terhune Family albums and scrapbooks.

Ilene Frank Warren & Barri Frank
331 South Leebrick 4200 Amargosa Drive
Burlington, Iowa 52601 Antioch, CA 94531
319-752-0709 925-706-2633

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