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Eliza Terhune

Elizabeth (Eliza) Terhune

I have only two pictures of my grandmother. I have scanned the one with her alone. I will find the one with my grandfather. In the 1900 Newark, Essex, New Jersey census, my grandmother was listed as Head of household. Eliza Terhune, W, F, b. 18 August 1868, NJ she was 31, with her are three of my aunts, Mary J. Terhune, b. June 1882, Louise Terhune, b. April 1883 and Eliza Terhune b. Dec. 1896. And lo and behold my grandfather, Charles Thiems, boarder..b. July 1866 NJ. In the 1920 census, the are married and the rest of the sisters came along. By now though the three first sisters assumed the name Theims. I knew all my aunts except for Mary (who was called Mazie) and Louise. I would love to connect my grandmother to some Terhune. She was not born in Essex county that I do know.

Linda Burst Bryant


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