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Guitarist, singer and songwriter, Hirth's songs range from Jobim-styled sambas to stunning ballads, blues and jazz. His career as a solo recording artist began with a helping hand from Bob Dylan that led to the release of two critically acclaimed albums: "Hirth From Earth" and "Big Bright Street", both released on Warner Bros. Records, and reissued on Warner Bros. Japan. His newest CDs are on Dreamsville Records, Japan. If you can't go to Japan, you can buy his CD's at Amazon.com, Rhino records, iTunes, and in stores.

Hirth live at The Olde Ship on Fridays in Santa Ana! And Tapps Brewery on Sundays! Check Events section for details.

Hirth is still, of course, writing songs, melodies, and poems... NEW RECORD COMING SOON!

LIVE RADIO INTERVIEW! Talk and music. Check the Events section.

Stay tuned for updates...

Live in Tokyo

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