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denise mullen     

height:   5’4                                   AFTRA/AEA                    

weight:  135                        voice mail: ( 212.501.2788

hair:       Brown                              email:

eyes:       Blue              

NEW YORK THEATRE:                               

Paganini: Speak No Evil                             Elise                                White Star Productions

The Poverty Row Double Horror Show  Various Roles                 Gracye Productions

Bad Dames Go To Hell                             Ruby/Trixie                   Gracye Productions

Haze                                                             Janis Joplin                    Sam Harps Prod    

Making Waves                                             Various                          Ensemble Studio Theatre

The Pact                                                        Sarah                              Ensemble Studio Theatre

Dirty Girls                                                    Maxine                           Ensemble Studio Theatre

Leap Year                                                     Kerry                               Ensemble Studio Theatre

5 Women Wearing The Same Dress         Meredith                         Actor's Loft            

Spoon River Anthology                                 Ensemble                        Taredam Prod          

Morning Coffee                                             Katie                               Actors Loft                            

The Woolgatherer                                       Rose                               Phil Bosakowski Tht.     

FrankenSpell(original musical)                     The Girl                          13th St. Repertory Co.

Windows Of Love (original musical)          Marion                            13th St. Repertory Co.           


Grace                                                            Nancy                             Haverstraw Youth Theatre

Brown Eyes Quintero                                   Mom                               Haverstraw Youth Theatre     

A Delicate Balance                                       Julia                               Nasty Attic Players


Tomorrow (Post Production)      Katrina       Shades Productions                   Dir./Sam Harps

Pandoras Last Sunday              Devon        Shades Productions                    Dir./Sam Harps

Snowball                          The Gossip         Vaca Productions                        Dir./Jaime Vaca

Mimis Happy Return     Slavic Medium    Bulldog Courage Pictures           Dir./Micki Pagano

Eye Spy                             Guest                  MTV Network

The Last Prediction          Kitty                   Burning Gun Ent.                      Dir./John Bejko

A Killing                          Salsa Girl             HEAL Productions                    Dir./Alex Klymko

A Tale Of Love & Hate   Tiffany                Ahmed Productions            Dir./Ahmed Houssana

Adverse Possession         Melanie               Liberation Pictures                Dir./Richard Martin

Maze                                 The Waitress      Pelaez Picture                               Dir./Jose Palaez

X=Dog                             Tamara               Alternate Wave Prod.             Dir./Jhon Williams



Conflicts Upon Request



Acting:  Robert McCaskill      Elizabeth Browning     Dee Wallace Stone       Jack Poggi               

Classical:                               John Basil

On Camera:                           Sally Johnson

Voice:                                     Mike Mitchell               Steven Katz                Anna Bernstein

Speech:                                  Jim Demonic

Commercials:                       Susan Levine

American Academy Of Dramatic Arts: New York, NY                                                  

Sally Johnson Studios: New York, NY

Ensemble Studio Theatre:  Peg Denithorne & Curt Dempster


Aerobics/Step                             Ice Skating                              Standard Transmission/Car                      Softball                                   Rollerblading                                Tennis                                         Downhill Skiing                     X-Country Skiing
Bicycling                                      Dialects                Riding Construction Site Hoists          Improv

cell: 917.860.3733
service: 212.501.2788