There's a new millennium rising, and another of HipBone's interests is the fascinating variety of millennial ideas and movements out there in the wide world and on the web. Here you will find HipBone's reviews of millennial sites and sightings, our articles on the Y2K computer problem and other such things.

King Millenium

Millennium Rules! opens this section of the HipBone site with the cover from a delightful and not particularly apocalyptic children's coloring book -- an advertising piece for Liverpudlian Millennium Flour, ca 1909.

The Millenial Computer Bug

These contributions to millennial studies zero in on the so-called "Y2K" computer bug problem as it impacts apocalyptic thinking.
Apocalyptic: a hidden dimension to the Y2K problem ... Suggesting that press reports of the apparently "secular" millennium bug are likely to be read as "signs of the times" by believers in a variety of religio-political millennial scenarios...

Apocalyptic: a hidden dimension II is a second "take" on the intersection between the "millenium computer bug" and the apocalyptic mindset.

A HipBone prophecy fulfilled?

Just a few months after I predicted that millennarian interest would very likely soon incorporate the Y2K bug in End Times scenarios, a computer scientist at a major US academic institution posted the following article entitled Do we all need a very large wakeup call? to a "prophecy" mailing list on the internet. It offers a clear and well-written description of the Y2K problem, together with his own apocalyptic Christian commentary.

Millennium Concentrate

Our "Millennium Concentrate" millenial website reviews are intended as concentrated resources for those who are interested in gaining a wide sense of current apocalyptic / millennial / futurist ideas in short order. The idea is that any single "MilCon" will contain a manageable smorgasbord of millennial sites, with brief reviews of each.

If you expose yourself for ten or fifteen minutes to the first of the sites we review in any one "MilCon", then return and visit the next site in order, you will visit a sampling of "intensive" pages which between them present the breadth and diversity of what's going on in one concentrated burst -- rather than poring at random through a hundred too-similar prophecy pages...

Millennium Concentrate 1
Millennium Concentrate 2
Millennium Concentrate 3
Millennium Concentrate 4
Millennium Concentrate 5

Millennium Concentrates are also posted to the Talk-2000 mailing list and featured in Ted Daniels' by-subscription-only Millennial Prophecy Report. See also the work of the Center for Millennial Studies, of which I am an Associate.

Diana, Princess of Wales

Our next Millennium Concentrate is a "special issue" featuring Diana, Princess of Wales as she emerges into millennial discourse, delivered in part at the Center for Millennial Studies conference in Boston, November 1997.

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