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Something for everyone here: hip New York theater, beatific space aliens and gruesome autopsy photos, the Four Horsemen coming soon on your Sony Playstation, the anthropology of the end with scholarly footnotes, the stigmata, some special effects wizardry, action star Bruce Willis and alternative rock diva Poe, boring old channeling, a new theology, Mother Kali in Arizona and more...

Apocalypse Soon

In Activision's upcoming action/adventure computer game Apocalypse, players face off against the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse -- identified in game publicity as Death, Plague, War, and The Beast -- with assistance from a trusty sidekick, in the form of a computer-graphics enhanced version of action movie star Bruce Willis. Press leaks suggest that alternative rock star Poe will play Mary Magdalene, "a rock diva possessed by Plague"... Release Date: September 97.

You can also follow the Four Horsemen link provided by VideoGameSpot for Biblical background on this title, or read a detailed interview with the game designers.

Channeling Stigmatist
[Note: This site seems to have disappeared from its original ISP since I cited it in the T2K version of Millennium Concentrate 4, and I would appreciate information about its new location if any. CC]

This is not an easy site to navigate -- but as the Mighty Ching says, "perseverance furthers".

Saint Francis was a stigmatist -- one who bore the wounds of Christ's crucifixion in his own flesh. Now contemporary Italian stigmatist Giorgio Bongiovanni presents his channeled "Messages of Jesus through Giorgio Bongiovanni" and "Messages of Miriam through Giorgio Bongiovanni", together with his "New Theology" -- in which he tackles such theological imponderables as "The cosmos is a living being" and "The visitation of extraterrestrial races: Who they are, where they come from, how they structure their spaceships".

Struggle onwards through the links, and see also Bongiovanni's articles "The animic transmission of the high cosmic knowledge", "Message of Giorgio Bongiovanni to the Ark of Kinshasa (Zaire)" and "The connection among the earthquakes and the nuclear test".

Cognitive Anthro of the End. See also Disaster Scenario.

Nold Egenter presents his scenario, "The End of Life is Programmed" on the basis of cognitive anthropology:

The end of life on earth is programmed with a probability near to certainty. Whether this will take 5, 10, 20, 50 or 100 years is open to discussion. What counts is the high degree of certainty of this prognosis. Astonishingly, it is not based on costly 'high-tech' calculations, but is the result rather of some relatively simple philosophical considerations, or more precisely, it is reached by comparing our way of thinking with cognitive ways of other cultures.
Faked or Fiction?
The Truly Dangerous Company website drew a lot of attention when it hosted this expert critique of the "Alien Autopsy" movie by a special effects wizard. The site includes "How To Make An Alien: The step-by-step handbook" -- which was reprinted by both The Skeptical Inquirer and UFO Times! -- "Autopsy Bleeps and Blunders", "Autopsy Face-Off: Dueling Alien Autopsies!", a "Faked-Or-Fiction FAQ", and more. See also the entry for "Mother Kali in Arizona" below.
Four Horsemen Revisited
Catch a Seventh-day Adventist perspective on the Four Horsemen at this Glendale City SDA Church study site, kindly endorsed by VideoGameSpot (see the entry for "Apocalypse Soon" above):
The identity of this first horseman has caused more confusion and consternation among Bible critics than the other three horseman combined! The majority of Bible commentators are at least partially correct in determining the meaning of the red, black and pale horses which follow. Revelation 6 is quite clear as to the final three horsemen's identity. But that of the first horse is almost universally misunderstood because scholars have neglected the clarifying word of Christ the Revelator in Matthew 24:4-5. ... Many, using human interpretation, have looked ahead to the 19th chapter of Revelation, to the description of the glorious Second Coming of Christ on a white horse. They have made the error of equating the white horse of Revelation 6 with the true Christ of chapter 19.
A Seventh Day Adventist perspective on matters apocalyptic should be of particular interest, since the SDA church came into being in the wake of the "Great Disappointment" experienced by Millerites when the world did not end as predicted in 1843.
Mother Kali in Arizona
Also worth noting from Truly Dangerous Co. -- the company which brought you the "Alien Autopsy" pages -- is this brief tribute by artist Maija Beeton to a Leslie Mohn and Lee Breuer comedy about a Phoenix, Arizona, housewife who transforms into the Hindu goddess Kali... Wish I'd seen it!

Breuer, you may recall, also wrote the dazzling musical Gospel at Colonus.

White Horseman?
Since we've already talked about the identity of a figure riding a white horse -- see entry for "Four Horsemen Revisited" above -- it may be instructive to take a look at this description and image of the expected Hindu avatar, Kalki:
Kalki is the next Avatar of Vishnu. He will appear riding his white horse and drawing a flaming sword. His task will be to exterminate the evil and restore the Dharma. Thus will begin a new cycle, again will start the Satya Yuga.
A part of Maurizio Maccaferri's fascinating Mirror of India site.
Zero Hour
The time of The End is of peculiar interest to students of Millennialism, since as Richard Landes notes:
Apocalyptic time is not normal time. The attitudes towards "unbelievers" that characterize people who believe that God's Day of Wrath is at hand differ notably from what one might call their "normal" co-religionists. Indeed, apocalyptic time tends to trigger polar, powerful and interrelated responses...
I'll close Millennium Concentrate IV, then, with this image of Narsingh, an earlier avatar of Vishnu. Narsingh's story -- he appears neither by day nor by night but at dusk, neither as man nor as beast but as half-man, half-lion, and so forth -- clearly indicates that the eruption of a god into secular time is what the anthropologist Victor Turner would call a "liminal" event. It takes place, that is, "between" moments -- and in fact "between" all the categories into which our minds are accustomed to sort things logically.

Zero hour, in other words, is an event outside time...

For a brief definition of liminality, see also Living Stream Ministry's Liminal Space page, and "Cognitive Anthro of the End" above, for a discussion of cognitive categories east and west.

Thanks again for scholarly inspiration and the rapid-fire back-and-forth of millenial URLs over the last couple of years to Richard Landes, Ted Daniels, Stephen O'Leary and Sam and Vicky Baughman.

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