Millennium Concentrate

This is intended as a concentrated resource for those who are interest in gaining a wide sense of current apocalyptic / millennial / futurist ideas in short order.

The idea is that if you expose yourself for ten or fifteen minutes to the first of these sites, then return here and visit the next site in order, you will visit a sampling of "intensive" pages which between them present the breadth and diversity of what's going on in one concentrated burst -- rather than poring at random through a hundred too-similar prophecy pages...

Millennium Concentrate and occasional updates are posted to the T2K mailing list and uploaded at the HipBone website: see also the second Millennium Concentrate.

In alphabetical order, then...

Aum Shinryu documentation at Archipelago:

An online newspage with articles about the Aum Shinryu group and its tangled connections with the Yakuza, Sokka Gakkai, the Unification Church, Russian plutonium, etc. Make sure to see their back issues...

Center for Millennial Studies:

Central resource for scholarly insight into millennialism in its Jewish, Christian, Islamic and Asian religious forms, and corresponding secular, ecological and militia-style movements.

Computer Y2K Problem Wake Up Call:

A university computer programmer clearly describes the Year 2000 computer bug, then draws a Christian apocalyptic moral. "I believe this crisis will help us as Christians know whether or not we trust God for *everything*. ... Whether or not we believe God can cause water to pour out of the rock. Whether or not we believe God can provide for us when all lines of earth-based communication are cut and when the semi-trailer trucks, the tankers and the locomotives sit idle. Whether we believe God can protect us from and in the ensuing riots, plagues and burning cities."


A site offering (among other things) alien wisdom, soul mate connections and automated prayer: "You may even disconnect from the Internet to save money, and the prayer applet will continue to pray for you."

Do It Yourself Scientific Immortality:

The RAMCES-instruction describes a theoretical and methodological framework for arranging one's own immortality by means of bodily "reconstruction" from preserved sample cells and an extensive "intellectual legacy" documented on videotape.

Kalki Avatar 2000:

Predicts the arrival of Kalki, the final Avatar of Vishnu, in CE 1999, and describes how he will rule over the Universe for a period of 108 years starting in 2003, before returning to his abode, Vaikunta. Preceding his arrival, "the world will be full of calamities and situations will be changing every instant".

Pigs in Cyberspace:

Hans Moravec of the Robotics Institute at Canrnegie Mellon University discusses the future of consciousness, and whether you may not already be living in it -- your whole life no more than a robot's fantasy...

Red Heifer:

Brief news report on a Christian site recording the finding of a red heifer, an important ritual requirement for rebuilding the Jerusalem Temple and restarting the Temple sacrificial system.

Religious Terrorism and RAND:

Dr. Bruce Hoffman's "Holy Terror: The Implications of Terrorism Motivated by a Religious Imperative" is a 1993 RAND paper analyzing with the history and current worldwide instances of religious terrorism.

Technology and Mashiach:

The late Lubavitcher Rebbe, Rabbi Menachem M. Schneerson, on the Messianic implications of techology, from talks given in the late 1960s.

White Buffalo Calf

Birth of a white buffalo calf in Janesville WI fulfills Native American prophetic expectation of the return of White Buffalo Calf Woman, who brought the sacred pipe to the Lakota nation. This is a fascinating story in part because Dave Heider, the farmer who "owns" the calf, seems to have been exceptionally responsive to Native American sympathies.

Yom Teruach:

Detailed and fascinating application of rabbinic Jewish tradition to Christian messianic purposes.

Thanks for scholarly inspiration and the rapid-fire back-and-forth of millenial URLs over the last couple of years to Richard Landes, Ted Daniels, Stephen O'Leary and Sam and Vicky Baughman.

Millennium Concentrate is compiled and maintained by Charles Cameron © 1997.

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