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HipBone Welcome, the start of the HipBone pages.
HipBone Guided Tour: a brief walkthrough of the HipBone Games site.
Invitation to the Games: boards, rules, etc if you want to play right away.
Outrageous Claims: in which we praise our own games to the skies.
Annotated HipBone Site Index: a complete descriptive index of the site.
HipBone New links, not yet integrated into the overall site structure.
HipBone Outlinks, a page of links elsewhere and beyond.
HipBone Home: to take a longer look at our opening graphic.
Charles Cameron puts a face to HipBone's name, with bio and resume.

See also:

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or continue here for boards and sample games, articles about the HipBone Games, Hermann Hesse's Glass Bead Game, the future of computer games, poetry, myth, and -- last but not least -- apocalyptic.

HipBone Games

Game Boards:

HipBone Game Boards sub-index

The WaterBird Board, the standard HipBone board
The TenStones Board, based on the Sephirotic Tree in Kabbalah
The Tetraktys Board, based on a diagram attributed to Pythagoras
The Hexagon Board, also useful for Tarot spreads
The Pentagram and Mercedes boards, two topologically identical boards
The Hamiltonian board, an experimental board with unidirectional links
Ancient and Future Game Boards
The Quincunx Board
The Tetrad Board

Sample Games:

Gossip, pop and general interest games sub-index

Chuck Stew: Forward
Chuck Stew: Reverse
Indian Summer
Hear that Long Snake Moan
Apocalypse Now
Folsom Street Blues
Of Mutes and Trumpeters

Heavy duty games sub-index

Stephen vs Charles
Games within Games
Yeats and Jung
A Solemn Requiem for Sir Laurens van der Post
The Phoenix and the Peacock
A Glass Bead Game for Marie-Louise von Franz
Quintessence: a Glass Bead Game

Special Purpose Games:

Educational & Dream Games sub-index

Second Grade
Cinderella: A Second Grade Game
Bear Madonna

HipBone Essays

About HipBone Games:

HipBone Games articles sub-index

Favorite moves
Hermetic Game
Meditations for Game Players
The Hidden Links between Books
Peterson Graphs, Semantic Networks, Glass Bead Games
Margaret Masterman, George Boole and the Holy Trinity
Masterman's "Theism as a Scientific Hypothesis III"
HipBone Puzzles

HipBone Games for Dreamwork, Therapy, Education and Creativity:

Dreamwork, Therapy, Education and Creativity sub-index

HipBone Games in dreamwork and psychology
Quote from Gregory Bateson
The Glass Bead Game - A Multimedia Concept for Education [Severud]
HipBone Games in education
HipBone Games in creativity

About Hesse's GBG and other attempts at Glass Bead Game design:

Hermann Hesse and Glass Bead Game Design sub-index

Magister Ludi [Hesse quote]
The Metaphysics of Virtual Reality [Heim quote]
Hermann Hesse's Glass Bead Game: A Game Designer's Holy Grail
Summary of Approaches to Glass Bead Game Design
Considerations for those who would build variants on Hesse's GBG
Glass Beads and Hieroglyphs
Relations, analogies, correspondences in Hesse's GBG
Eliot's dove, John's revelation

Other pieces about the GBG:
Explaining the Glass Bead Game
Hesse's Glass Bead Game: a non-trivial pursuit
Games "not unlike chesse"
Why a Requiem in the form of a Glass Bead Game?
A Test Case for Glass Bead Game Design
A GBG Test Case Move: Responses

About Terence MacNamee's Game:

Terence MacNamee's Approach to GBG design
Terence MacNamee's Jewish Cemetery Game
My own A Defence of Poetry

GBG Reference:

Magister-L mailing list
An annotated Yahoo Glass Bead Game listing
Gail Sullivan's GBG website

About Computer Games:

Computer Games sub-index

The Mysts of Antiquity
Games Lamas Play
Shadow Warrior and Doom images
Myst-like Universities, Oxford-like Games?

About Poetry and the Arts:

Poetry and the Arts sub-index

The walk among woods and words
That HyperText is Linear
Tight Form and Aesthetic Impact
Hopkins and the Seraph
In the words of a Tibetan Geshe...

Turning to matters mythological...

Do we need a new myth and if so, how?
A Spear Dipped in Poppy Juice
Vision Quest and Vision

About Apocalypse:

Millennial sub-index

Apocalyptic: a hidden dimension to the Y2K problem
Apocalyptic: a hidden dimension II
Center for Millennial Studies

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