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As you've no doubt gathered by now, the HipBone Games can be played in any number of ways, for sheer fun, for artistic or scholarly purposes... or as aids in education and psychology...

We hope to explore the educational and therapeutic uses of HipBone Games in greater detail with interested teachers and therapists, and will be adding games from the Psyber-L Dream Event and other sources as time permits.

If you are interested in exploring our games for such purposes, take a look at these early sample games...

Bear Madonna Game is my first attempt to write a game that explores dream imagery, showing one of the ways in which I believe these games could be of service in therapy. This particular game is heavily Jungian and archetypal, for those who like such things. It's the only game so far played on the Tetraktys board.

Please note that there is a cluster of games on Jungian topics -- Yeats and Jung, A Solemn Requiem for Sir Laurens van der Post, The Phoenix and the Peacock, and A Glass Bead Game for Marie-Louise von Franz -- under the Heavy Duty Games sub index.

Second Grade is my first attempt at a game written with the classroom in mind. Unlike most HipBone Games, this one starts with a short quiz, and it's only when the "correct" answers have been written up on the WaterBird board that the links and connections between them can be seen...

Cinderella: A Second Grade Game was written to see whether a HipBone Game could be used to explore a single story in the classroom setting. Played on the WaterBird board.

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