HipBone Game Boards

You can print "empty" boards and try the Games themselves:

The WaterBird Board, which is the standard HipBone board
The TenStones Board, based on the Sephirotic Tree in Kabbalah
The Tetraktys Board, based on a mathematical diagram attributed to Pythagoras
The Hexagon Board, also useful for Tarot spreads
The Pentagram and Mercedes boards, two topologically identical boards
The Hamiltonian board, an experimental board on which some links are unidirectional

And while you're about it, you might also take a look at:

Ancient and Future Game Boards, presenting some boards on which the HipBone Games were apparently played in earlier times, including:

The Quincunx Board from Sir Thomas Browne
The Tetrad Board from Oronce Fine, De sphaera mundi, 1542

as well as some others on which we hope to play in future...

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