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This site is now superseded by a newer and shorter and -- praise be -- more navigable HipBone site. We will, however, maintain this older version for the sake of those who are looking for materials no longer carried at the newer site.

Welcome to the HipBone Games -- a virtual music of ideas.

HipBone Games are Charles Cameron's playable variants on Hermann Hesse's "Glass Bead Game", described in his novel Magister Ludi.

This page is designed to get you introduced to the HipBone Games, and help you find your way around our site. We're keeping it brief, so you can go right away to the areas which are likely to suit you.

First, though, if you hit the web at a difficult time, our opening graphic didn't load fast enough and you'd like to see it again -- this time without the automatic referral to this page -- here it is.

A wider world

See what editor Lewis Lapham has to say in the April '97 issue of Harper's
Read the "6,000 words" Lapham mentions
See how Don Oldenburg viewed HipBone and the GBG in the Washington Post


Charles Cameron puts a face to HipBone's name, with bio and resume...

Find your way around...

Touring the HipBone site

The Invitation to the Games tells you all you need to play a HipBone game
The Guided Tour gives you a brief site walkthrough
The Annotated Site Index offers complete sub-page descriptions
The Bare Bones Index is a site navigation shortcut for oldtimers
The HipBone New Links contains new site materials we've not yet integrated

HipBone Games

Game Boards and Sample Games

HipBone Game Boards sub-index for game boards old and new
Gossip, pop and general interest games sub-index for sample games "lite"
Heavy duty games sub-index for artistic or meditative sample games
Educational & dream games sub-index for sample games for school and couch

If there's one thing I hate about this site, it's this division of the sample games into "lite" and "heavy duty" categories. These games -- like books and conversations, and people too -- come in all flavors, and the foolish and arbitrary distinction we're making here is designed to help you find your way around the bookstore, so to speak, not to pigeonhole the games themselves. Eh?


About the HipBone Games

HipBone Games articles sub-index for essays on HipBone history etc
Dreamwork, Therapy, Education and Creativity sub-index for goodness' sake

About the Glass Bead Game

Hermann Hesse and Glass Bead Game Design sub-index which is extensive

About Computer Games

Computer Games sub-index towards transcending "Doom" and "Myst" alike

About Poetry and the Arts

Poetry and the Arts sub-index from Hopkins to the Vision Quest and beyond

About Apocalypse

Millennial sub-index for the year 2000 computer crisis as it impacts prophecy

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