Folsom Street Blues

Sam Baughman vs David Hughes

on the WaterBird board

Sam is my brother-in-law, David is my close friend and collaborator, and they're both into the quirkier side of pop culture. This game is mostly pop culture references -- from Eddie Money to Isaac Hayes and from Johnny Cash to Frank Sinatra -- with a (serial) killer move at the end.

Move 1: David plays Scuse me while I kiss this guy in position 4.

In 4, I place "Scuse me while I kiss this guy", the mis-heard line from Jimi Hendrix's "Purple Haze", used as the title of Gavin Edwards' recent compendium of mis-quoted lyrics.

Move 2: Sam plays Johnny Cash in position 5.

I place Johnny Cash in 5 because I'm too smart for my own good.

Move 3: David plays Eddie Money in position 7.

In 7, I place Eddie Money, name of the late 70s Bay Area singer.

I claim three links with Johnny Cash: both are pop singers, both have diminutive first names, both have pecunial last names.

Move 4: Sam plays Isaac Hayes in position 8.

In position 8, I place Isaac Hayes.

I claim two links with the singers at 5 and 4, two links with Jimi because he and Isaac are both black, and Hayes and Hazes, one link with Johnny -- the Man in Black. Also, Isaac Hayes played piano on numerous records of Otis Redding, who appeared on the same bill with Jimi Hendrix at the famous Monterey Pop Festival.

Move 5: David plays It Could Happen to You in position 9.

In position 9 I put the film It Could Happen to You, the fairy-tale based on the true-life story of a New York cop who wins the lottery.

I claim a link with Isaac Hayes, the on-screen narrator of the film, and one link each with Messrs. Cash and Money. And Eddie Money's hit was "Two Tickets to Paradise" -- another name for lotto tix.

Move 6: Sam plays Folsom St. in position 3.

You forgot that Eddie Money went to cop school!

In position 3 I play Folsom St., San Francisco.

I claim links with Johnny Cash, author of "Folsom Prison Blues", Eddie Money, San Francisco rock star, Isaac Hayes, author of the song "Shaft", a popular name for bars along Folsom. Perhaps I'm begging for links here, but the sidewalks of Folsom Street are littered with "men in black".

Move 7: David plays Otis Redding in position 2.

I place Otis Redding at 2.

I claim a link with Jimi Hendrix because they both played Monterey (and are featured on opposite sides of "Live at Monterey"), and two more because both are (?were) black and both are dead pop stars. One link is claimed with Folsom Street because of Redding's rumored affair with another male pop figure, and a second because of his song "Dock of the Bay" -- which I take to refer to the San Franscisco Bay.

Move 8: Sam plays Fairy tales can come true in Position 6.

Remember Frankie crooning, "Fairy tales can come true / it can happen to you / if you're young at heart"?

I'm claiming 3 links from position 6 -- to that NY cop film of yours which took its title from Sinatra's song; to Jimi because Sinatra started Reprise records, which was Hendrix's label; and to Otis Redding ("Tramp") because of Frank's "Lady Is a Tramp".

Move 9: David plays Walk on Water in position 10.

Talk about missing links -- didn't you want to score any points with your "fairy tale"? I guess straight guys hear a different set of rumors...

In position 10, I place Walk on Water. That's the name of an Eddie Money song -- or was it "Walking on Water"? One link.

"Fairy Tales Can Come True" Bullshit. Fairy tales don't come true, people don't walk on water -- come on, folks, it's a myth. One link.

But "it can happen to you"? Sure it can. A Minnesota lake, 40-below in the dead of winter, happens all the time -- just remember to bring skates. One link.

Move 10: Sam plays Jeffrey Dahmer in position 1.

My last move's in questionable taste: Jeffrey Dahmer in position 1. Five links claimed.

Links to Folsom Street and Otis Redding, 'cause Jeffrey would have wanted to be linked to them. Links to Isaac Hayes and (again) Otis Redding because Jeffrey was interested specifically in persons of color. Links to (again) Otis Redding 'cause Jeffrey's from Wisconsin, and Otis died in a Wisconsin lake -- no skates, I guess...

Sam Baughman vs David Hughes

a WaterBird Game

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