Dreamwork, Therapy, Education and Creativity

The materials in this section explore therapeutic and educational applications of the HipBone Games.

Therapy and Dreamwork

Both Carl Jung and Sigmund Freud found that associative thinking offered helpful clues to their patients' psychic processes, and more recent authors such as Jerome Bruner have stressed the importance of this kind of thinking as a major factor in creativity and problem-solving.

HipBone Games in dreamwork and psychology explores various ways in which the games might be of service to the therapeutic community

Further materials dealing with the "Dream Event" hosted by Walter Logeman's Psyber-L mailing list will be posted here when available.


Hermann Hesse's Glass Bead Game, which he described in his Nobel Prize winning novel Magister Ludi, was itself the culmination of an extended educational process, the finest fruit of his fictional "Pedagogical Province" of Castalia.

It shouldn't come as too much of a surprise, then, that the HipBone Games and other variants on the GBG develop cognitive skills which can be of immense importance in education. The materials that follow are designed to illustrate possible applications of the Game in a variety of educational situations.

A stunning Quote from Gregory Bateson, anthropologist and "prophet" of cyberspace, on the importance of connections in education.

An excellent essay by Chris Severud of Bourbaki Inc: The Glass Bead Game - A Multimedia Concept for Education. This is an invaluable introduction to the cognitive styles involved in GBG style games. Wish I'd written it myself.

My own first rough-and-ready attempt to articulate the possible uses of the HipBone Games in education.

Bear with me, I'm a game designer and poet, not an educator as such: and while I think this treatment includes some excellent ideas, I am keen to work with teachers in the classroom, to develop curricular materials at all levels of the curriculum from K through graduate school.


Creativity, problem solving, brainstorming and conceptual blockbusting all depend on the ability to see hitherto unsuspected links between one thing and another, and to choose from among them those links which are most fruitful. The HipBone Games can be viewed as highly structured tools for this kind of associative thinking, taking Gabrielle Rico's "Clustering" concept to a new level.

Possible uses of the HipBone Games in creativity.

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