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Reluctant as I am to see you leave my site, it still makes me happy to think you might visit some of my own favorite intersections on the Web.

Because we all have different tastes and needs, I'm going to make this quite a *long* list, so that you have the best possible chance of finding something that will interest you -- counter-productive, really, because if you *do* find a neat site or three here, it may be a while before I see you again...


so remember to flag this site with a bookmark if you'll ever want to come back.

First, here's more of my own work:

There's material on an interactive CD-ROM version of Shakespeare's *As You Like It* for which I wrote the commentary that might intrigue you:

As You Like It

Next, some Glass Bead Game related sites:

The number one site for those who are interested in Hermann Hesse's "Glass Bead Game" is undoubtedly Gail Sullivan's Glass Bead Game Page

and there's a Hermann Hesse Home Page maintained by Gunther Gottschalk of UCSB

You might also want to visit various other sites dedicated to the design of variants on the GBG:

The Glass Plate Game Home Page, which present's Dunbar Aitken's "conversation game" based on the GBG

the Glass Plate Game FTP site for downloading Glass Plate Game materials

EsterBee's A simple HTML GBG Attempt in VisualWave 1.0 (UC)

Wm Horden's Intrachange site, for a fascinating GBG variant based on a marriage of Chess and Ching

and Dr. Kurtz' informal GBG with great quotes, including some from Vannevar Bush

Also worth a visit:
Interesting thoughts on Bruce Milligan's Home Page about the GBG and the internet

the story of how a company took its name from Father Jacobus, one of the characters in Hesse's book

Timothy Leary's piece on the Glass Bead Game in two parts, Part I and Part II

For other sites which reflect what -- for want of a better term -- I'll call "Glass Bead Game" sensibilities, try:
Pattern Language: a site dealing with the application of Christopher Alexander's brilliant contributions to architecture -- to HTML design! Alexander's two books, incidentally, *The Timeless Way of Building* and *A Pattern Language*, strike me as about the closest thing to an *I Ching* to emerge from the western mind

The "morphed architecture" at Metamorphosis seems like another interesting architectural approach with GBG-like implications

On the literary side:
There's a lovely site devoted to Jorge Luis Borges, the Garden of Forking Paths, named after my favorite short story of all time

while for considerations of "branching fictions" in general, there's Gareth Rees' Tree fiction on the World Wide Web

For the theory and practice of games:
there's an excellent overview of the creative ideation involved in computer game design in Dave 'dc' Collier's Symbolic Theory of Game Design

Paul Walker's Chronology of Game Theory -- I'm particularly fascinated by the pre-Neumann stuff

a page on Chess Variants and Non-Chess Games

Israel Regardie's chapter on Enochian Chess as played by WB Yeats and his colleagues in the magical circle of the Golden Dawn -- though this is heady stuff, and it may help to know a bit about the people involved before you dive into it

and John Fairbairn's longish article Go in Ancient China


For those with an interest in mythic Role Playing Games, I'd recommend my friend Mitchell Gross's Visionary Games

and I must not forget to mention Anders' invaluable Mage Page

or Ian McDonald's mind-boggling article, Werewolf: the Genetics -- intriguing stuff even if, like myself, you've never played an RPG

And lastly, for sheer delight:

here is one, just one, of my own *personal* preferred sites:

John Opsopaus's Pythagorean Tarot, a tarot system based on Pythagorean numerology and ancient spirituality

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