Other HipBone Games Materials

Here are some articles specifically on the HipBone Games and the thinking that lies behind them.

To give you an idea of the kinds of moves that are possible in these Games, I am listing some of my personal favorites from a variety of Games...

When I began thinking about how to translate Hesse's Glass Bead Game into a playable form, I wrote this Hermetic Game as a short visualization, and posted it to the Hermetica list. I am presently developing a MYST-style Game which will explore the further terrain beyond this corridor.

Those of you interested in the "high-serious art" side of the games, or drawn to contemplative, meditative styles of play, are invited to check out these short Meditations for Game Players, which evolved out of the Hermetic Game when I started working with boards...

I already had a copy of Shunryu Suzuki's Zen Mind Beginner's Mind and Robert Pirsig's Zen in the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance -- The Hidden Links between Books describes the urgency I felt to get a hold of a Suzuki motorcycle maintenance manual, and complete the triangle...

Next, here's a cluster of links of a mainly mathematical sort -- including some computer generated "graphs" that bear a remarkable family resemblance to the HipBone boards, and an intriguing article by the Cambridge philosopher Margaret Masterman exploring a Christian "graph" of the Trinity in terms of Boolean algebra:

Peterson Graphs, Semantic Networks, Glass Bead Games
Margaret Masterman, George Boole and the Holy Trinity
Masterman's "Theism as a Scientific Hypothesis III" [excerpt]

We've also been developing some ideas for puzzles based on the HipBone Games premise. These HipBone Puzzles are the sort of thing you might find at the back of a magazine, where you have to choose a word that links two others in some way, or figure out what comes next in a series... but updated slightly to reflect the possibility of electronic gaming.

While the essays listed above all relate specifically to the HipBone Games, the Hermann Hesse and Glass Bead Game Design Sub Index collects essays on Hesse's GBG and Glass Bead Game design issues in general.

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