New Millennium Rising

These pieces reflect my ongoing interest in millennial thinking -- a frequently eccentric, at worst extremely dangerous and at best inspiringly poetic aspect of human culture -- and my conviction that it will play an increasing role in public discourse over the next few years...

Millennium Rules! opens this section of the HipBone site with the cover from a delightful and not particularly apocalyptic children's coloring book -- an advertising piece for Liverpudlian Millennium Flour, ca 1909.

Millennium Concentrate is the title of a series of reviews of small but diverse selections of millennial web-sites. These are designed to give readers a rapid and "concentrated" overview of a variety of different millennial hopes and expectations -- some religious and prophetic, some scientific and secular, some home grown and some established -- across a wide variety of cultures. My initial "website review" for subscribers to the Talk-2000 mailing list was well-received and soon grew into a series:

Millennium Concentrate 1
Millennium Concentrate 2
Millennium Concentrate 3
Millennium Concentrate 4
Millennium Concentrate 5

Finally, one topic which I find particularly interesting is the intersection of the "Y2K" computer bug -- caused by the inability of some programs to "handle" the crossover from the year 1999 to the year 2000 -- with the sorts of millennial thinking featured in the Millennium Concentrates.

Apocalyptic: a hidden dimension to the Y2K problem suggests that press reports of the apparently "secular" Year 2000 computer bug are likely to be read as "signs of the times" by believers in a variety of religio-political millennial scenarios...

Apocalyptic: a hidden dimension II offers a second "take" on the intersection between the "Y2K computer bug" and the apocalyptic mindset.

See also the work of the Center for Millennial Studies, of which I am an Associate, and in particular the Christian apocalyptic account of the Y2K crisis posted on a "prophecy" mailing list by Ivan Strand, now up on the web at the CMS site under the title Do we all need a very large wakeup call?.

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