Millennium Concentrate V

For what it's worth, Millennium Concentrate, now in its fifth incarnation, is not intended as a list of wesbites to fear and ponder -- although that might not be a bad idea in some cases.

Millennium Concentrate covers apcalyptic religious and secular manifestations, some of which may indeed be problematic, yes, and includes some sites related to related themes such as the "once and future" ones, from Moshiach to Mahdi to Meitreya Buddha, yes, and indeed touches on issues of comparative religion and myth, yes, and spirituality in electronic media, yes...

But it is above all a high-quirk recording of my own millennial and apocalyptic discoveries on the web -- and my own sense of wonder at these things derives from my belief that at a profound imaginative level, apocalyptic hope is a visionary and poetic business: see for instance the quote from poet William Blake in the "Guerrilla Tibetan Vajrayana Buddhism, anyone?" section below, or the luminous and spectral artwork of Helen Cho under "Millennial Chess"...

Having said which, here is a further selection of websites for your browsing:

Elijah's Back?

This work by David Snow says of itself:
This book was written, or more precisely, foreseen in what will be known to you as the year 6001 AC, and was then telepathically transmitted against the normal flow of time to a younger mind, who put pen to paper, or more precisely, PC to the InterNet. By allowing free access through the World Wide Web, this book stands as a deposition to the inhabitants of the earth and as a seed in the cybergarden of ideas. ... For the attuned reader, revelations contained herein will undoubtedly give birth to personal visions, while the skeptic may find his strongest held curmudgeonisms shaken by those never-to-be- sufficiently damned historically factual details.
Sections include: Merlyn the Magician & Excalibur, Elijah the Settler & Chariot, History of Man I, II and III, Seventieth Week & Tribulation, Millennial Kingdom & Satellite City, Reference & Accolades.
Guerrilla Tibetan Vajrayana Buddhism, anyone?
This rather charming page hasn't yet gotten its links in order, but it's "millennial" aspect is signaled by the following quotation which it carries from William Blake:
The ancient tradition that the world will be consumed in fire at the end of six thousand years is true, as I have heard from Hell... [and] the whole creation will be consumed, and appear infinite, and holy whereas it now appears finite & corrupt.

This will come to pass by an improvement of sensual enjoyment.

and it looks as though it may turn out to be an intriguing variant on Vajrayana, a spoof on Vajrayana, or an attempt to translate Vajrayana across into a hip Western context -- or all three at once. Alana Keres, whose page this is, describes it elsewhere as "renegade Buddhism", the "nice, fiery little yana that spins at the center of institutional Vajrayana". Promised upcoming materials include:
Hagiography - How Alana came to be God's Girlfriend... (Mary nailed [ahem] the Mother-of-God position; and God's wife is Monogodous.).
Watch for further developments...
Job, Jung and John -- Lennon, that is
Job is the symbolic John Lennon of the Bible, this site affirms, and goes on to consider the fab four in quite extraordinary terms:

Jung also saw the Beatles mentioned in the bible, though it was unclear to him who or what they actually were. He saw that "Enoch in his vision sees the four faces of God. Three of them are engaged in praising, praying, and supplication (such as the Beatles have), but the fourth (John) is "fending off the Satans and forbidding them to come before the Lord of Spirits to accuse them who dwell on earth."
Indeed, the entire AntiChrist site is worth taking a look at. This AntiChrist, David, is in fact the resurrected John Lennon...
King Of Beaver Island
"The King Of Beaver Island" by Charles K. Backus was printed in Harpers Monthly, March 1882, and describes the life and times of one James Jesse Strang, the founder of a "Restoration Theology" church (i.e. an offshoot from mainstream Mormonism) who -- like Joseph Smith before him -- had himself crowned as a King in the otherwise generally republican United States.

The article begins with a description of a small pamphlet... "still to be found in the new settlements along the shores of the great lakes", which

consists of a series of precepts relating to things spiritual and temporal, written in a verbose imitation of the style and imagery of the Bible. Within the lifetime of a generation it was implicitly received by an entire community as a celestial revelation miraculously transmitted through a divinely anointed monarch to his favored subjects....
and "now chiefly prized for its connection wth a curious chapter of frontier history"...

Fascinating reading.

Millennial Chess
In millennial chess, there are two levels. The lower level is made of two thousand five hundred squares, the upper level, of nine hundred. There are four kingdoms instead of two--black, blond, red and grey. They may become allies, created treaties, sabotage. ... Everything is scaled, multiplied, complicated. You may bring natural disaster upon yourself or others. It is my favorite game. This is my very favorite game.
Millennial Chess is just one entry in artist Helen Cho's extraordinary "Dictionary of Fever". Ms. Cho's web work has won a number of awards including the 1996 "New Voices, New Visions" digital art competition and David Siegel's "High Five" award for web design excellence -- and to see why, you might like to take a look also at her Shrine, with its stunning opening graphic, and her hand-gesture story, Quiet Foxes.
Partenia, diocese without borders
According to a fascinating story in the New Yorker a while back, French Catholic bishop Jacques Gaillot -- much beloved by the homeless, immigrants, and others whom the Chuch at times neglacts -- finally irritated the ecclesiastical authorities to the point where he was translated from the See of Evreux in France, to that of Partenia... which had once long ago been an important bishopric, but was now no more than "a place covered with sand". The idea was to quiet him by sending him to the ecclesiastical equivalent of Siberia (or Coventry, perhaps?).

But the good bishop had friends in the online world, and his new diocese that was nowhere was quickly transformed into an electronic "diocese without borders" in cyberspace...

Nothing particularly apocalyptic, in fact -- just the first postmodern diocese, and a nifty example of religion on the net...

Scientific Pantheism
Billing pantheism as "the religion of the future", and fronted by an image of the "blast wave of Cygnus loop supernova", these pages suggest that the "empirical" belief that the earth is sacred and the cosmos divine fulfills the requirements for a religion for the Third Millennium set forth by Carl Sagan in his Pale Blue Dot (1994):
A religion old or new, that stressed the magnificence of the universe as revealed by modern science, might be able to draw forth reserves of reverence and awe hardly tapped by the conventional faiths. Sooner or later, such a religion will emerge.
An exhaustive and informative site.
Suns Ahman Israel
Suns Ahman Israel is a small and interesting group whose members read Mormon and Gnostic scriptures, Tibetan and Zen Buddhist texts, the magical writings of the Golden Dawn and Aleister Crowley, Jungian psychology, and much else besides. Their literature includes pamphlets on "Coed Mormon Monasteries" and "Becoming a God", and their practices include:
initiation through a system of Temple rites similar to those used by the Egyptian, Hebraic, Masonic and Mormon cultures. These rites address the subconscious mind and transform consciousness from within and behind the veils of the subconscious.
For further information on Latter Day Saint Restoration Theologies, see David Bowie's Restoration Theologies page (no, not that David Bowie!) with links to a number of subpages.
Website in Heaven
This site is already constructed in Heaven and certainly intended to be under construction here and now.
This Jewish site reproduces to-scale drawings for the Third Beis HaMikdash, the Jerusalem Temple, on the grounds that:
The overall design of the Beis HaMikdash, the details of its rooms and the ritual utensils and objects, is a precise projection of the higher world into this world.
and in fulfilment of the instruction:
G-d declared: "The study [of the Temple's design] in the Torah can be equated to its [actual] construction. Go, tell them to study the Temple's form. As a reward for their study and occupation with it, I will consider it as if they actually built the Temple." [Yechezkel 43:10]
A fascinating site which may well be very beautiful when finished, which also emphasizes that "each detail of the Beis HaMikdash has a precise parallel in the souls of the Jews, in their inner life and their service of G-d."
Year the Earth Stands Still
Readers of T2K will already be familiar with Gary North's "Y2k Links and Forums" site, which Jay Gary introduced to the list recently -- a prime example of "secular" apocalyptic rhetoric:
We've got a problem. It may be the biggest problem that the modern world has ever faced. At 12 midnight on January 1, 2000 (a Saturday morning), most of the world's mainframe computers will either shut down or begin spewing out bad data. Most of the world's desktop computers will also start spewing out bad data. Tens of millions -- possibly hundreds of millions -- of pre- programmed computer chips will begin to shut down the systems they automatically control. This will create a nightmare for every area of life, in every region of the industrialized world.
Compare the "religious" apocalyptic reading of the same situation which I noted in Millennium Concentrate I.

Thanks aa always for scholarly inspiration and the rapid-fire back-and-forth of millenial URLs over the last couple of years to Stephen O'Leary, Richard Landes, Ted Daniels, and Sam and Vicky Baughman.

Millennium Concentrate is compiled, maintained by and copyright Charles Cameron 1997.

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