Millennium Concentrate III

Once again, a mixed bag of apocalyptic pages -- including this time a pseudo-Vatican site as well as the genuine one, a paper on Information Warfare, a Hopi prophecy, an insurance company that covers virgins against immaculate conception, the internet as "noosphere", God's own site, and more...

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Cults by the Decade:
A fairly extensive Washington Post site provides coverage on the newsmakers: L Ron Hubbard to Sun Myung Moon, Charles Manson to Maharishi Mahesh, Werner Erhardt to David Berg and Patty Hearst to Jim Jones, Rajneesh to Lyndon LaRouche, David Koresh to Luc Jouret and Shoko Asahara to Marshall Applewhite... Marred by such things as a photocaption: "Charles Manson and followers, including women who shaved their heads". Oh no, tell me it wasn't so!
Enterprise Mission:
"To Boldly Go Where Someone Has Gone Before..." is the motto of this graphically intensive site, devoted to the work of "Enterprise" Principal Investigator, Richard Hoagland, and the issue of alien ruins on the moon and Mars.

See also their section on Reverse Speech: "I have compiled overwhelming and irrefutable evidence that verify a second form of human communication exists, imbedded backwards into the sounds of human speech. This form of communication reveals the total thoughts of the speaker at the time, both conscious and unconscious."

God receives email -- and posts, too:
Comments from God's Own Website: "Five channeled works that have recently been created in union with me are available as books. With the more recent listed first, they are: Conversations with God by Neale Donald Walsch, Right Use of Will by Ceanne DeRohan,The Seth Material by Jane Roberts, A Course in Miracles by Helen Schucman, and The Urantia Book."

The site discusses these and other "messengers" including Bob Dylan, Carlos Castaneda (who is credited with "Tensegrity"), Kahlil Gibran and Rudolph Steiner. "God will then host a discussion (input via email) of the messenger's work. You are invited to participate in the discussions."

Hopi Prophecy:
Martin Gashweseoma, Hopi Caretaker of the Sovereign Hopi Nation speaks at the Cry of the Earth Conference, General Assembly, United Nations, November 22, 1993. "This is the last world, we are not going anywhere from here. If we destroy this, the highest world, which is like heaven, we will be given no other chances..
Information War:
A Canadian paper on "I-War". The Toronto-based I-War Research Group investigates "digital warfare" in the electronic network environment. IWRG considers Information Warfare to be "the new frontier" in war between nations. IWRG members are also concerned with the "migration" of these methods into other spheres such as business and politics, and with the ethical problems posed by I-War.
Insurance Against the Four Horsemen?
The British insurance company Goodfellow Rebecca Ingrams Pearson hit the headlines after it was discovered that the members of the Heaven's Gate "away team" had signed up for coverage against alien abduction. While this type of coverage is no longer available, GRIP still sells coverage against immaculate conception and werewolf transformation...

Note the final comment from Simon Burgess, managing director of Goodfellow Rebecca Ingrams Pearson, as quoted in this particular article:

he believes that the approaching millennium is generating demand for the coverage.
Keith Ferrell's Internet Apocalypse:
"If you want a soundtrack for Net doomsday, start humming Wagner. And think horses--with very scary riders. They've saddled up and pointed their steeds toward us, the Four Horsemen of the Net apocalypse: Pestilence (the millennium bug), War (cyberterrorism), Famine (Internet address limitations), and Death (traffic overload)... Think you've got nothing to worry about? Listen carefully. The rumble you hear may just be the sound of their hooves as they approach."
Millennium Rules!
Cover of a delightful and not particularly apocalyptic children's coloring book -- an advertising piece for "Millennium Flour", ca 1909.
Programming the Apocalypse:
Must site for fans of the Jesuit Pierre Teilhard de Chardin.

"We've been hearing for years about the globalization of culture, and the vast social transformation that we're all undergoing, as a consequence of our newly borderless world. Our new neighbor is from where? Uzbekistan? Saudi Arabia? They think what? They believe what? It's amazing, and there's no way to keep up without paying lots of attention, and throwing out prejudices and pre-conceptions. The emergence of global culture is non-stop creativity itself, and there's no more powerful medium for catalysis than this infinite-dimensional inter-everything Internet wonderwire that ties us all together."

Propaganda Pamphlets for Christ:
Not all Christians like Jack Chick's little pamphlets, hence the Unofficial Jack Chick Archive website -- which includes a helpful thematic index and bibliographic data on first and revised editions.

See especially Four Horsemen, one of whom is the Pope, The Beast, which includes a splendid image of a guillotine on a motorcycle, and Death Cookie, Chick's pamphlet about the Catholic Mass.

Return of the Anunnaki:
"Nibiruans live on the planet Nibiru, which revolves around our sun every 3,600 years. Nibiru is the 12th planet (counting the Sun and Moon) in our local solar system, and is due to cross the orbits of Earth and Mars in the very near future. These astounding statements are made possible by the Sumerian cuneiform deciphering skills of Zecharia Sitchin, a linguist in command of many ancient languages who has set the scientific world on its ear with his astounding interpretations of ancient writings."
Unconventional Method for Killing America:
Amida Buddhist Daisaku Ikeda bankrolled General Manuel Noriega's cocaine operations with Sokka Gakkai funds.
Vatican Twins?
Lavish official Vatican pages devoted to the Jubilee Year 2000.

And here's what you would have found if you'd just typed "vatican" into your Netscape URL-finder instead...

World Peace Club:
The World Peace Club Program includes such features as One Day of Peace, Volunteer for a Better World, Celebrate to Create Peace On Earth, Peace on Earth Fairs & Assemblies, Letters For Peace, Peace on the Internet (!), Perform the One Day In Peace Play and Sing Songs For Peace.

From World Peace 2000: so far 12 world leaders have pledged their nation's support in a worldwide armistice day on January 1, 2000 ...

Thanks again for scholarly inspiration and the rapid-fire back-and-forth of millenial URLs over the last couple of years to Richard Landes, Ted Daniels, Stephen O'Leary and Sam and Vicky Baughman.

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