Millennium Concentrate II

Millennium Concentrate II offers another dozen or so sites for millennium watchers, together with those interested in kindred topics such as scientific futurism and comparative religion.

The idea is that if you expose yourself for ten or fifteen minutes to the first of these sites, then return here and visit the next site in order, you will visit a sampling of "intensive" pages which between them present the breadth and diversity of what's going on in one concentrated burst -- rather than poring at random through a hundred too-similar prophecy pages...

Millennium Concentrate and occasional updates are posted to the T2K mailing list and uploaded at the HipBone website: see also the first Millennium Concentrate.

To begin with, here are some helpful "reference sites":

Everything 2000:

Billed as "Your One-stop Resource To Prepare For The New Millennium" this site invites you to "research, plan, reflect, question, contribute and enjoy the unique time that surrounds this change of a decade, a century, and a millennium".

The Millennium Project:

The Millennium Project's "1997 State of the Future: Implications for Actions Today" is a 200 page book created by futurists, scholars, and policy makers from over 50 countries which distills 15 global issues and recommends and comments on 135 "actions" which can be taken, noting who has "leadership responsibility" for each. This site offers the Table of Contents...

The Millennium Watch Institute:

Ted Daniels is an indefatigable observer of what William James might have called "The Varieties of Millennial Experience", and the author of the standard millennial bibliography: he's also responsible for some of the web page suggestions offered below. This website gives access to his Millennium Watch Institute newsletter and more.

The Year 2000 Information Center:

Peter de Jager's Y2K site provides the most comprehensive resource for those dealing with the Year 2000 computer bug:

And here, once again, is a selection of web pages chosen to provide a quick overview of millennial thinking and related topics via a small number of interested and varied sites -- arranged, as before, in alphabetical order according to my own titles:

Cargo Cult Chiefs Beaten:

A saddening page about a recent failure of prophecy in the original cargo cult on Vanuatu Island, following the non-appearence of Moses and Abraham.

Chernobyl means Wormwood:

James H. Billington, historian and Librarian of Congress, on the future of religion in Russia. Billington mentions that "Chernobyl" -- name of the site of the "nuclear accident" -- means "Wormwood" in Russian, a coincidence which not unnaturally fuels millennial speculation...

Christian Vajrayana:

Site describing a Russian Lamaist tradition from Siberia and Mongolia, which draws on the spiritual traditions of Russian Old Believers, Mongolian Buddhists and Mongolian shamans...

Ghost Dance Religion:

Description of the Ghost Dance Religion drawn from the Bureau of American Ethnography report, via Mircea Eliade's massive compendium of comparative religion, much of which can be found online via this site.

Louis Farrakhan and his UFO vision?

The Rev. Louis Farrakhan blasted the producers of "Independence Day" in his paper "The Final Call", claiming they rewrote a 1965 prophecy by Nation of Islam founder Elijah Muhammed to the effect that space ships will one day descend from a "Mother Plane" in high earth orbit built by Africans in 1929.

Farrakhan's own UFO vision...

See also this mention in a channeled message from George Washington...

Millennium Group Homepage:

A site devoted to "Millennium Group", the watchdog group for which detective Frank Black works in Chris Carter's TV series, *Millennium*. "Today, many believe we are witnessing the realisation of ancient prophesies concerning the closing days of our epoch. If this is so, traditional law enforcement will prove ineffective against the growing forces of darkness."

Mind Uploading Home Page

A high-science approach to immortality worth comparing with the RAMCES project mentioned in the first Millennium Concentrate, this page "is dedicated to the putative future process of copying one's mind from the natural substrate of the brain into an artificial one, manufactured by humans"...

President Clinton a Buddha:

This page should probably be read in conjunction with a recent message "Re: Mr. Seagal's status" posted by on the alt.religion.buddhism.tibetan newsgroup:

Since there have been a number of comments and rumors going around regarding Steven Seagal's recognition, I would like to clarify a few points for folks in this newsgroup. I received my information from Kunsang Lama, secretary to H.H. Penor Rinpoche's monastery.

The background to this story is that Steven had received indications from another lama that he was a tulku. Some time back, he discussed this matter with Penor Rinpoche, who then decided to look into it. As part of his consideration, Penor Rinpoche asked Kunsang Lama to consult with a Palyul khenpo in Tibet who is an extraordinary practitioner noted for his visionary abilities. The khenpo confirmed absolutely that Steven was a tulku and identified him as the incarnation of a Palyul terton. (I have forgotten the name of the terton, but it is one I have not heard before.) Penor Rinpoche made the official recognition during Steven's visit to India earlier this year.

Steven was recognized, but not enthroned. I mention this not because I intend it as any slight, but because the distinction should be noted. As I understand it, enthronement indicates that a tulku will be taking over the spiritual role and authority of his predecessor. Assuming such a role is quite difficult if one has not been raised according to tradition. Recognition, simply put, means just that: recognition.

That's Steven Seagal the movie actor, and a terton is a "visionary discoverer of hidden teachings", usually books of teachings hidden by the great Tibetan yogi Padmasambhava in such a way that they could only be found by means of a well-developed psychic sense... when the right moment for their rediscovery arrived. The hidden teachings themselves / books containing them would be called "termas" if I recall...

Triunity Papers and Prophecy:

A Christian website with an impressive array of quasi-scientific materials, including:
#25. The Mysterious Hebrew Codes
#42. Revelation in our Generation?
#44. The Trinity: A Mathematical Absurdity?
#49. How Can God Hear All Prayers - Simultaneously?
#51. Angels, Cherubim, Seraphim, and Archangels
#63. Cloning the Red Heifer

Winston Churchill a Saint:

The Cao Dai religion of Vietnam worships the Hindu deity Brahma, Sir Winston Churchill, Moses and the French author Victor Hugo as saints.

While this -- like the Buddhist references to Clinton and Steven Seagal above -- may seem strange at first blush, Cao Dai beliefs, like those of the Christian Vajrayanists also referenced above, form part of the long tradition of syncretism in worship.

Thanks again for scholarly inspiration and the rapid-fire back-and-forth of millenial URLs over the last couple of years to Richard Landes, Ted Daniels, Stephen O'Leary and Sam and Vicky Baughman.

Millennium Concentrate is compiled and maintained by Charles Cameron (c) 1997.

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