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HipBone Games are most enjoyable when they're played by people who know strange and curious facts and quotations, who can pause when you mention just about anything and say, "that reminds me..." -- and come up with some tale of a beheaded king or a Cuban dictator who was once offered a tryout in the minor leagues, a remark by Charles Laughton in one of Hitchcock's movies or whatever.

But this can get overwhelming if you're reading the game afterwards, and you don't happen to know much about kings or beheading or dictators or baseball or film...

And if at times the players wax scholarly about topics that aren't in your personal area of expertise, just remember that you almost certainly know more about football, or card games, or horses, or street gangs, or monks -- or the meaning of colored handkerchiefs worn in the back pockets of gay men -- or islands, or cooking, or something, than they'll ever know in their entire lives.

The sample games in this section have been chosen because they're quirky and clever and fun.

Read the mini-descriptions below, see which games fit your taste -- something there's "no accounting for" in any case -- and dive in.

Try this one first!

First off, let's take a look at Chuck Stew -- a great first game to introduce you to the general idea... It's probably the simplest game on the HipBone site, with moves ranging from "beef jerky" and "mustang" to "brahma" and "home on the range".

The moves in this game are so much a part of mainstream American culture that Americans at least should find this a very easy game to follow -- and given the tendency for "cowboys" and the like to cross national borders via film and music, we hope it will prove equally simple and straightforward for other readers.

We feel it makes an excellent introduction to the games as a whole.

We present Chuck Stew here in two formats: as a regular game, and in reverse... You can read it like any other HipBone game, the way "Chuck" and "Stu" played it, with each of the moves described in turn: that's the usual way the games are presented here: Chuck Stew: Forward.

But you might find it more challenging or interesting to read the completed game board first, Chuck Stew: Reverse -- and try to figure out for yourself what links and associations you would have made between the various moves -- then go to the regular game presentation and compare notes.

Your choice..

Now for a few more sample games.

There's nothing too serious here, we've relegated the scholarly / spiritual games to the heavy duty games section:

Indian Summer is a fast game with pop references ranging from The Doors to Offspring, to be taken with a pinch of mildly psychedelic nutmeg. It is played on the WaterBird board.

Hear that Long Snake Moan is rocking and erotic -- a bright college student game to go with beer and pretzels on the TenStones board.

Follow it up with the return match, Apocalypse Now on the WaterBird board.

Totentanz is an light-hearted and enjoyable Game I played with my wife, who is a history buff with a slightly morbid sense of humor. People are always getting beheaded (or otherwise impaled or exhumed) in this Game... It is played on the WaterBird board.

Courtesy is another historical game my wife and I played together, with a sting of hashish and assassination at the end. It is played on the WaterBird board.

Folsom Street Blues is the quirkiest of the games in this bunch -- with more pop culture references, some on the darker side... A WaterBird game...

Of Mutes and Trumpeters is probably the closest thing to what I call a "serious" game in the group: it's a mixture of yoga philosophy and jazz, with a trumpet playing angel thrown in for good measure. On the WaterBird board.

Are none of these games to your taste? Perhaps you'd prefer something a little more classical and scholarly? Try our heavy duty games sub-index.

Or maybe you'd like to play a round yourself? Try our Invitation to the Games...

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