The School


School in Background

The Colver school is in the background.   Picture date about 1944.   To the far right is the first section of the school that was completed in 1913.  The "boxy" looking section in the center right connected to the original building was the 1921 addition.  On the left is the "new" building that was completed in 1927.  In the foreground (left to right) are John Hill, the Weighmaster of the mine, son Gene, wife "Dilly," and son, Glenn.  The garages in the middle background were actually on school property, but were constructed there by the nearby residents as sort of "squatters rights."

The Old School
Old School Building

The "School" on 5th Street(1913)as it appeared in 1967.  The old school building with its addition has been torn down.  (Photo Courtesy of Jim Lentz)

The "New" School
New School Building

The "New School" (1927)as it appears in 2001.  The old school with its addition has been torn down and the building above has been converted to apartments.

Original Colver School
First School Building

This was the first school, (The Boxlike Center) as it appears in 2001, located on "School House Road" just above 20 Row.  

Teachers 1926-1928
Colver School Faculty 1926-1928

Photo courtesy of Jim Lentz.