Cambria County awards and recognitions:

The Colver Power Project:   This project was selected as a finalist in the Environmental Stewardship category for the 1997 Three Rivers Environmental Awards.

Waste coal from abandoned mine properties across Western Pennsylvania can now be converted into a new source of fuel.   The Colver Power Project is utilizing new circulating fluidized bed combustion technology to burn waste coal in its boilers.   This fuel is efficient and cleaner than most conventional alternatives.   The resulting fly ash from combustion is then used to reclaim the mine property safely, enabling vegetation to thrive with no threat of acidic water runoff.   An additional component of this project was the expansion of a local reservoir for a water supply to the plant.     Here, 20 acres of manmade wetlands were created, with hundreds of plant species and wildlife habitat added.   This project has become an environmental education resource and recreational asset for Cambria County residents.