Key Dates in the Development of Colver

November 7, 1910 Work started on Thomas R Williams farm 6 miles North of Ebensburg According to the Cambria Freeman, Indications are that the work was planned to continue through the winter.
December 16, 1910 The Cambria Freeman indicated that work was progressing and that the name of the new town was "COLVER." The same article announced the construction of a spur line of the "Blacklick-Millcreek" railroad to the new town.
January 27, 1911 The Cambria Freeman announced the construction of a 10 mile line of the "Blacklick-Yellowcreek" railroad to connect with the New York Central Railroad at Possum's Glory, Indiana County.
January 27, 1911 The Cambria Freeman provided the details of the mine.   The shaft was 135 feet, the slope was 350 long and a rock tunnel 2,000 feet.  Also provided was the fact was that the second of two large boilers, purchased in Erie, had arrived at the work site.
April 7, 1911 Announced was the completion of the rail line from Ebensburg to Colver.  Noted was the fact that it was only 6 miles overland, but 28 miles by rail.  It was also noted that the shaft had been sunk 60 feet and that the "slope" had also gone a considerable distance.   (Cambria Freeman, April 7, 1911)
May 19, 1911 The construction of a "good" road to Colver from the main "highway" was noted.  Also mentioned in passing was the fact the company was operating a store and and mess for the foremen, superintendents and engineers.   (Cambria Freeman, May 19, 1911)
June 16, 1911 It was announced that the Ebensburg Coal Company "struck Coal in both the shaft and the drift."  It was also noted that the slope will not reach the coal for some months. (Cambria Freeman, June 16, 1911)
June 30, 1911 A contract was let to John E. Miller to construct 60 homes at $800 each."   A contract was let to the Cambria Steel company to provide 200 steel hopper cars to the C&I railroad. (Cambria Freeman, June 30, 1911)
September 1, 1911 It was announced that the first coal had been shipped from the new mines. (Cambria Freeman, September 1, 1911)
September 8, 1911 Plans for the construction of a two story brick hotel were revealed.  The plans called for 40 rooms, 20 on each floor and a bar. (Cambria Freeman, September 8, 1911)
October 27, 1911 Another item chronicling the growth of the town was note of a contract for 106 houses for a total cost of $90,000."  Also included in the item was the cost of the store at $25,000 and a hotel for the same amount. (Cambria Freeman, October 27, 1911)
December 8, 1911 The construction and operation of a hospital was announced.  The news item notes the uniqueness of this institution. (Cambria Freeman, December 8, 1911)
January 31, 1912 The first fatality occured at the mine.   A miner by the name of John Gordy was caught by a trip of runaway cars at the foot of the Colver slope (Cambria Freeman, February 2, 1912)
July 25, 1922 National Guard Troops Removed to Colver Field.  Troop A, 104th Cavalry was assigned to patrol Colver. (Johnstown Tribune, July 25, 1922)
July 27, 1922 Coal and Iron Police are still numerous in the town.  A short distance out of town is located a camp of Troop B, 104th Cavalry.    It was reported that 60 men were in the mine and that seven steel cars were loaded with coal the day before. (Johnstown Daily Tribune, July 27, 1922)
August 24, 1933 The Mountaineer Herald reported that Eleanor Roosevelt, wife of President Roosevelt unexpectedly called at the Colver and Revloc "mine works" staying overnight in the new Ebensburg Inn.. (Ebensburg Mountaineer Herald, August 24, 1933)