TUESDAY EVENING, JULY 25, 1922 (page 16, column 4)


Major McKinney Announces Changes in Stationing of Guardsmen in District


Tribune Bureau

Ebensburg, July 25

Major Edgar McKinney, of Tyrone, in command of the National Guard troops stationed throughout this district, yesterday ordered changes in the stationing of the Guardsmen. Troop A, 104th Calvary, under command of Capt. James B. Bretell, has been removed from the P. J. Little camping grounds to Colver. Major McKinney’s headquarters will remain at the Little farm; also the headquarters detachment of the First Squadron of the 104th Calvary, comprised of 21 men and four officers.

Other changes announced by Major McKinney are as follows:

Troop A of the Fifty-second Machine Gun Squadron, under command of Captain Ralph Sohl, from Heilwood to Vintondale;

Troop B of the Fifty-second Machine Gun Squadron, under command of Capt. Fred Reynolds from Woodvale to Jenners;

Troop C of the One Hundred and Fourth Calvary, under command of Captain George C. Shoemaker, sent to Heilwood.

Troop B of the One Hundred and Fourth Calvary, under command of George O. Calbert, remains at Woodvale.

Major McKinney this morning went on an inspection tour of camps in this territory, accompanying General Frank D. Beary and General Shannon, both of Harrisburg.

Tents, provisions and ammunition arrived at the local camp yesterday and the Guardsmen are making ready for a long stay. Telephonic communication has been established between the camps and water pipelines are being installed at all the camps.

Each Guardsmen stationed in this territory is equipped with a horse. There are three machine gun trucks, nine 5-ton auto trucks for transportation of supplies and ammunition, one field ambulance and one motorcycle sidecar for messenger service at the Ebensburg camping grounds. It is understood that the Guardsmen will patrol all roads leading to mining operations in the district daily, from 6 a.m. until 6 p.m. The commanding officers in charge of each camp will report to Major McKinney daily at 1 p.m. Major McKinney also will report each afternoon to Adjutant General Beary.