The Housing

Who you were and your national origin determined the type and location of housing for someone in Colver.   For the most part a miner would be able to rent a 4 room house with an outhouse.  Management was entitled to a 6 room house with a bathroom. There were a few 3 room "shanties" and generally these went to the "Foreigners."

One of these shanties is pictured below as it was in 1941 and was located at the lower end of Second Street.   To the left of the shanty is the rest of Colver.   These were 3 room "L" shaped houses on posts, heated with a coal stove, and a shared (but separated) outhouse in back.  There was also a coal bin built on the outside of the outhouse on both sides.   One water tap was provided in the kitchen.   The web page author lived in an identical "shanty" across from this one from 1939 to 1942.   According to the both the Cambria Freeman and the Johnstown Tribune, these houses were moved to Colver from Starford in Indiana County when the mine owned by Weaver was played out.

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The next level of housing was the 4 room house.  Pictured below is a 4 room house as it is in 2001.  This house is at the intersection of Coleman Avenue and 6th street.  It still retains the green asbestos shingles that were placed on the houses in 1928.  The front window has been replaced with a larger window and appears that the area under the front porch has been dug out to provide a larger basement, possibly for a fuel oil tank.

Four room house
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For the "company bosses" there was the six room house.  Pictured below is a six room house at the intersection of 4th Street and Coleman Avenue.  This house also retains the green asbestos shingles that were placed on the houses in 1928, but very few additions or improvments have been made to this house.


Six room house
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C&I housing was brick -- no pictures are available at this time.