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Corporate Colver

The Colver Land Company was formed around December 2, 1910. J. E. Wilkenson of Philadelphia, A. J. Rapp of Philadelphia, and P. J. Little of Ebensburg formed the corporation to "acquire, hold, improve, lease, dedicate, and sell real estate." Wilkenson had 60 shares while Rapp and Little each had 20.

The Colver Amusement Company was formed around December 9, 1912. The purpose was to "purchase, own, produce, present theatrical plays, shows, motion pictures, vaudeville, and other entertainments to the public." The charter was amended in 1933 to add "and to sell and serve to patrons ice cream, cigars, candy, confections, food and beverages." The share holders were: Mrs. Ida Weaver of Williamsport and J. Edgar Long and Earl Long of Colver. Mrs. Weaver had 50 shares, J. Edgar had 49 and Earl had 1. They received a $10,000 mortgage in February 1913.

The Colver Water Company was also interesting. It was formed on May 2, 1913. It dealt with 67 acres of land for reservoir, upon which is located a flouring mill, including machinery and rights of way for pipelines and power lines of about 2 miles in length. It dealt with the Vetera branch of the North fork of the Blacklick Creek, Cambria Township, Cambria County, PA at a
point near the Evans Mill at the village of Vetera. The directors of the corporation were: Robert Scanlan, A. W. Evans, and P. J.  Little. Scanlan & Evans each had 20 shares and PJ had 10.

The Colver Bank was formed May 1, 1918, and could "loan money, discount, sell, buy / negotiate, promissory notes and drafts, coins and bullion, bills of exchange and all other written evidences of debt and specialties and transact all other business as shall pertain to the business of banking." It had 25,000 shares of capital stock, 500 shares of par value of 50 dollars each. B. Dawson Coleman of Philadelphia and J. H. Weaver of Williamsport each has 100 shares. Marlin B. Stephens of Johnstown,
Henry J. Van Dusen of Hastings, Ira E. Lewis of Ebensburg and C. Randolph Myers of Ebensburg each had 75 shares.

The Colver Garage was formed on May 12, 1921, filed May 16, 1921. Thomas and Park Altemus were the shareholders. The purpose was "buying and selling automobiles, conducting and automobile repair shop and selling automobiles."

The Colver Automobile Company was found by William C. Sipe of Ebensburg on January 14, 1924. The purpose was "buying and selling automobiles and automobile accessories and repairing automobiles and conducting an automobile garage."

Lastly, Domenick Cozzi formed the Colver Bottling works on September 18, 1922. The purpose was the manufacturing and bottling of soft drinks