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How we worked

AT Work

Photo of Telford Hill, Coal Miner about 1940.  Note that the work area is low enough that he cannot stand to work.  This was the Miller "B" seam and was about 42 inches high -- really a rather thick coal seam.   The normal procedure at this time was to undercut the seam with a large cutter, then drill boreholes into the face of the coal.   Following the drilling, the coal was "shot" with dynamite which loosened the coal down into "the cut."   Prior to the introduction of "Cutting Machines," the pick was used to undercut the coal seam as far as possible to create a "cut."     It was then used to break up larger lumps and hand loaded into the cars shown in the next photo.   Telford Hill was killed in an accident in this mine, April 1952.

Coal Trip

Photo of coal being brought out of the tunnel to the tipple.    The houses in the background are "9 Row."   Notice the blur over top of the "4." This is a train on the "Switchback," the railroad spur that ran up to the town of Colver Heights.

This is a Deck Lane photograph, date unknown. (Courtesy of John Dumm.)


The Tipple as viewed from the mine entrance.

Shanty Town

Shantytown as seen from the bottom of Second Street in Colver. c.a. 1940. The Colver Power Project was constructed over the site of Shantytown. Photo courtesy of J. C. Hildebrand, Elwood City, PA.

Blacksmith Shop

Blacksmith Shop at the foot of 5th Street.   
The mine was electrified, but the company still used a large number of horses.    The Coal and Iron police were mounted, coal was delivered to the homes in horse drawn wagons, milk was delivered from the dairy farm using horses and there were many teams used on the various farms.    One Source said that the company operated 5 farms.
(Photo Courtesy of Cambria County Historical Society)


How We Celebrated


Flag raising early on. The company store is in the background.  Picture is taken from the South side of Reese Avenue and predates the "street car" being extended to the town itself since there are no tracks crossing Reese Avenue.
(Courtesy of John Dumm.)

Fireman's Parade

July 4, 1917 Parade.  On Reese Avenue.  First Building: Ebensburg Coal Company Office, 2nd Building: Colver Amusement Company 3rd Building: Company Store, The Hotel is in the background.
(Photo Courtesy of Russell Edwards.) 

Colver Cornet Band

Identified as the Colver Cornet Band.   Year1916  This was taken in front of the bandstand across the street from the hotel.  Community activities within company towns were quite often sponsored by coal companies and this band was sponsored by the Ebensburg Coal Company.  The bandstand was demolished in the years following World War II.   (Photo from Barnsboro Star August 19, 1971.   Photo was credited as belong to Mrs. Sadie Johnson.)

Colver Band

Date Unknown, but given as about 1916 by another source. The "Boy's Band" posed in front of the bandstand in Colver.  The house on the right in the background is on 5th Street.  This is the mine foreman's house.   The houses that appear to the left of the bandstand are the standard four room house.
(Courtesy of John Dumm.)



C&I Picnic 1914

C&I Picnic 1914.

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