Mary's Peaks
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  Mary, a border collie/lab mix that lives with the tungsten city band here in Rovanna, has a mountaineering record that most humans won't hope to match.  I will post new dog climbin' pics as they come available.

Mary in Rock Creek Cirque
Mary in the Rock Creek Cirque

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mary and bud are friends.....
Mary and Bud in Little Lakes Valley

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herm, mary, rey, on basin.  photo by milo
Mary's mommie, Rey, and Herm near the Summit of Mount Basin

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Mary the Dog's  Peak List:
Lamark  13,417'
Emerson  13,204'
Starr  12,835'
Chocolate  11,658'
Goode  13,092'
Two Teats  11,387'
Basin  13,240'
Wheeler Crest 12,6200'
Lookout, 11,000+'
Pipsqeak Spire  13,268'
Mt. Dade  13,600+'
Mt. Agassiz 13,894'
Mt. Tom 13,652'
Mono Rock 11,555'
Round Valley Peak  11,943'
Tungsten Hills 6,000+'
Bloody Mtn  12,544'
Mount Morgan North  13,005'
Mt. Morgan South 13,748'
Boundary Peak 13,140+'
Montgomery Peak 13,440+'

Mary and the Boundary Peak, Nevada summit monument
mary on Boundary Peak summit
August 5, '04

above is as below- Hermes Trisgestus