Bouldering 2003/4
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Unfamous Bishop Bouldering:
Betch'a won't see these inna mags!  There's a reason for that, but if you want it all, here it is....

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Click on the topo for an expanded view:

Tungsten Hills Circuit
click here for an expended view of the topo
Behind the Youth Conservation Camp in Round Valley

The rock at THC is a colorful well-featured version of Buttermilk Granite.    In general, the boulders are less monolithic and better featured than in the 'Milks.  That's why there are few really hard problems,  the rocks are too little with too many holds!
This circuit gets lots of sun and sets at a relatively low elevation, making it one of the Bishop Bannana Belt Areas.  You can drive within 20' of Parking Rock. 
The above topo is drawn in Chineese Watercolor Style, in that it is drawn so the boulders that sit behind other boulders are visible.  Since the circuit sits on a hillside, with most of the problems on the downhill sides of the rocks, this was possible with minimal distortion of the actual image.

THC Snakedyke V0
mini halfdome in Round Valley

tungsten city boulders
phathead V3
Sarah on Phathead

Over 100 problems have been established in the Tungsten Hills Circuit, located in Round Valley behind the Owens Valley Youth Conservation Camp, near Horton Creek Campground.  Recommended Problems:  Parking Rock [V0-V3],  Hard Press [V3],  Better than Buttermilk [V0], Gogo [V4 sds],  Gutterball [V6 sds], Phathead [V3],  Stormbringer [V2], Nugget Arete [V1].
 Behind this hill near the old mine is a small boulderfield with a few worthy problems:  Arrogant Bastard Arete [V5}, Miload [V3 sds], Crackbaby [V0].

Nugget Arete V0
Georgina luvin' the Nugget

The mill creek boulders have actually got as much history as any of the bouldering areas around, due to their proximity to 395.  The God Wall, with the "Jesus Saves" graphitii, is currently a horse corral, so don't climb there.  Although the rock is crumbly, and there is some wierd trash, this little circuit of about 20 problems is one of the quickest fixes around. Nothing here is harder than about V2.  I often bust out a circuit here on my way to work, takes about 10 minutes!
Please, do not climb on petroglyphs!

Mill Creek Boulders
roadside bouldering at millcreek
8 miles north of Bishop on 395, Mill Creek Exit

The intimidating House Boulder and the Garage-
the house and garage boulders
These huge blocks of perfect granite lie behind the moraine below Baddaddy Canyon

The Trailor Park, 1/2 mile north Baddaddy Canyon
trailor park boulder
The climbing history of this giant monolith near the House Boulder is unknown....

More obscure areas!
milo and casey in pine creek canyon
Milo and Casey of the Tungsten City Band on a slab in Pine Creek Canyon

Lonely Boulders
remote volcanic  bouldering off Casa Diablo road
in the middle of nowhere one mile east of Casa Diablo Road

Devil Boulder at Mill Creek
do not climb on petroglphs!
Religious Graphitti is an ancient tradition at mill creek . Don't Climb on Petroglyphs!

above is as below- Hermes Trisgestus